Biodiversity Showcase "Sign of Biodiversity Values" and "BES Management Training in Protected Areas"

17 May 2019

Sign of Biodiversity Values

The Zawtika onshore gas transportation project is located in Thanintharyi National Forest of Myanmar where some endangered species have been found. PTTEP and Thanintharyi National Reserved Project have monitored a number of endangered species found in forest and within the project site by using camera traps and staff mobile phones as one of the strategic actions of the BAPs of the project. In 2017, 2endangered species were found near the project site, namely the “Hog Badger (Arctonyx Collaris)” (Venerable Species:VU) and the “Barking Deer” (Muntiacus Muntjak) (Least Concerned Species:LC). Moreover, 2endangered species were found near the project site in 2018, namely the Asian Elephant” (Elephas Maximus)” (Endangered Species:EN) and the “Barking Dear” (Muntiacus Muntjak) (Least Concerned Species:LC). Records have been kept to ensure that there is no net loss of BES in the area.

BES Management Training in Protected Areas

PTTEP continually conducts BES management training for all PTTEP staff who work in protected areas including PTTEP SSHE staff. An example protected area is the Taninthayri Reserved Forest which is located in the Zawtika onshore gas transportation project. Training is conducted for staff in order to build up awareness and knowledge of BES management.