Learn to Hatch and Nurse Crabs for the Sea

A female crab lays an average of 2 million eggs. Instead of selling female crabs to restaurants, the P. Sap-anan Traditional Fishermen Group encourages villagers to separate pregnant crabs and hatch the eggs ...

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Scholarships for Community Nurses: Returning Love to Our Home

The Community Nurse project of Ubolratana Hospital is a crucial part of the Network of Healthcare System…

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A Biogas Village: Nothing Goes to Waste

A large balloon with the plastic cover plastic cover appears tight and swollen from the biogas accumulated inside…

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PTTEP anticipates and manages current and future economic, environmental and social opportunities by risk and focusing on a diversify portfolio of project, innovation and technological competence, which will emerge as a leader and are more likely to create a competitive advantage and long-term stakeholder value for a sustainable business growth.
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Our History

PTTEP is a national petroleum exploration and production company dedicating to provide a sustainable petroleum supply to Thailand and the countries we operate as well to bring in foreign exchange earnings to our country.
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