What is PTTEP’s dividend policy?

The Company’s policy is to pay out dividends of not less than 30% of net profit.

Will shareholders of PTTEP be entitled to tax credits from dividends received from PTTEP for their personal income tax assessment?

As of 9 April 2008 onwards, per resolution number 37/2551 of the Board of Taxation on 9 April 2008, shareholders who are individual taxable persons receiving dividend payments from PTTEP which are paid out from net profits that are subject to Petroleum Income Tax Act, are not entitled to tax credits towards their personal income tax assessment.

However, dividends paid out from net profits that are subject to tax under the Revenue Code are still entitled to tax credits for shareholder’s personal income tax assessment.

Procedures incase debenture certificates are lost
  1. 1.1 Call the debentures registrar to declare the lost certificate and request for details of the lost certificate.
  2. 1.1 Proceed to the police station to declare the loss and provide details of the lost certificate.
  3. 1.3 Complete a request form for a new debenture certificate and attach the police declaration form and a copy of the debenture holder’s personal ID card.

If making the request in person, a new certificate will be issued immediately. If delegating another individual to come in person, please complete a proxy form to duly delegate authority to that person. If requested via courier, the registrar will mail the new debenture certificate to the debenture holder’s address.

Sources of information for additional inquiries regarding further information about PTTEP such as, petroleum reserves, sales tax

The Investor Relations section on the PTTEP website contains a subsection labeled Presentation and Webcast the information is provided within the contents.