PTTEP Group respects the rights of every shareholder. The Company attaches great importance to the principles of fairness and equality enacted within the scope of relevant laws, rules, and regulations. PTTEP Group also encourages shareholders to exercise their rights as shareholders beneficially, positively and efficiently. PTTEP has appointed an independent third party with professional integrity to be the registrar of ordinary shares. The Company’s Investor Relations Unit oversees the publication of information and communication with shareholders. The Company also has a Corporate Secretary Unit, which acts as a communication channel for Directors, Management, and shareholders, ensures that the shareholders’ meetings are conducted in line with the law, and facilitates the exercise of shareholders’ rights.

  1. PTTEP promotes the exercise of shareholders’ basic rights such as the right of share ownership registration, the right of share ownership transfer, the right to receive significant information and communications from PTTEP in a regular and timely manner, the right to attend and cast votes in shareholders’ meetings, the right to appoint or dismiss the Company’s Directors, and the right to a share of profits.
  2. PTTEP conscientiously abides by the laws and rules concerning the shareholders’ right to make a decision or right to be informed about any decision made by PTTEP Group in regard to change of the fundamentals of PTTEP Group, such as any change in the Company’s memorandum or articles of association, any approval for a capital increase, or any extraordinary transaction such as a transfer of significant assets.
  3. PTTEP gives shareholders the right to make important decisions in regard to governance such as the nomination or appointment of a Director and the Director remuneration policy.
  4. PTTEP does its utmost to facilitate shareholders in exercising their rights to attend shareholders’ meetings and cast votes. Shareholders have an equal right to cast votes based on the number of shares held (on a one vote per share basis). PTTEP also ensures that shareholders are provided with full details concerning the rules and regulations used in meetings, including the voting process. PTTEP permits shareholders to ask questions about agenda items, and receive full explanations from the Directors and Management. PTTEP gives Shareholders the chance to propose meeting agenda items in advance, and facilitates the process of allowing another person or a PTTEP Independent Director to cast votes for them by proxy. PTTEP posts information about shareholders’ meetings on its website one month before the scheduled meeting date. Important issues addressed in meetings such as PTTEP business and resolutions passed are accurately recorded in the minutes of the meeting which is communicated to shareholders after it is published via the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s information disclosure system.
  5. PTTEP acknowledges the rights of shareholders who wish to gain corporate control and conscientiously abide by the laws related to securities trading for the purpose of taking over. PTTEP is careful not to undertake or permit any irregular transactions that might be considered asset transfers, nor to obstruct the gain of corporate control by using unlawful anti-takeover prevention measures. PTTEP Group attaches great importance to the accurate and timely disclosure of information to allow shareholders and stakeholders to be informed about any changes that might happen.
  6. PTTEP respects the rights of shareholders to align their voting preferences with any individual who persuades, guides or generally acts in any way to urge shareholders to give that individual (or another individual) the power to attend a shareholders’ meeting and cast votes on the shareholder’s behalf. Such persuasion, guidance or action must be done legally.
  7. PTTEP oversees its investment activity in order to obtain suitable and fair returns, operates responsibly and protects its assets and financial security. The Company also strives to improve the operations of PTTEP Group in order to ensure stability and sustainable growth.