Research and Technology Development and Knowledge

Research and development of technology and innovation is an integral part of sustainable growth for the organization and the country’s economy. PTTEP supports this endeavor and works closely with local and international partners. We have established state-of-the-art research and technology development centers, as well as specialized subsidiaries to drive technological advancements, including AI and robotics, which can serve a diverse range of industry sectors. We also put an emphasis on technologies that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive energy transition for sustainability.

PTTEP Research and Technology Development Centers

PTTEP Subsurface Research Center (PSRC)

PTTEP Subsurface Research Center or PSRC is a one-of-a-kind research center dedicated to support geological research and strengthen petroleum exploration and production capabilities. Situated at Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, Ayutthaya Province, the center has transformed from its beginning as the PTTEP Core Research Center (PCRC) in 2002. Nowadays, PSRC is fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools and laboratories that can effectively serve petroleum exploration and production throughout the process and facilitate research related to petroleum production enhancement, and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

PSRC houses over 1 million rock samples from exploration and production projects in Thailand and overseas which serve as valuable references for the analysis of petroleum fields. PSRC also has the Sight Center – a comprehensive learning center on petroleum exploration and production and the exhibition featuring knowledge on the origin of petroleum, the exploration and production process, and the GeoTerrace displaying subsurface features and rock samples from different parts of Thailand. Interested university students and external organizations can express interest in visiting the center to learn about petroleum exploration and production process and relevant technologies.

PTTEP Technology and Innovation Center (PTIC)

PTTEP Technology and Innovation Center (PTIC) is a cutting-edge facility established to support development of advanced technology and innovation. Situated within the Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi) in Wang Chan Valley, Rayong Province, the center serves as a hub for research commercialization especially in the areas of petroleum exploration and production efficiency improvement including AI and Robotics; clean energy; chemicals and advanced materials development in laboratory; 3D printing for prototype development, and professional development. By driving innovation for real-world applications along with technology-literate personnel, this contributes to national economic competitiveness and growth.

PTIC comprises laboratory and workshop facilities, 3D printing equipment, the Pilot Area Building, the UAV Test Field, helipad, and the Green Energy Technology Playground which supports the experiment and development of clean energy technology including solar power, hydrogen power generation technology, fuel cell technology, and energy storage technology – all managed through smart energy management system. PTIC supports research and technology development with partners within EECi to accelerate innovation for the future.

PTTEP Rapid Scale-up Center (RASC)

Located within the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong Province, PTTEP Rapid Scale-up Center (RASC) helps accelerate scale-up and pilot use of technologies related to petroleum products and petroleum production efficiency. The center also supports technologies aimed at reducing carbon emissions as well as clean energy. RASC comprises key facilities including the engineering workshop, laboratory, condensate treatment facility, pipeline system model for testing repair and maintenance technologies, and floating solar panels.

Innovation, Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Technologies for Improving Petroleum Production and Equipment Maintenance Efficiency

PTTEP has developed an array of technologies designed to maximize the efficiency of our petroleum exploration and production operations. These include technologies for effective separation of undesirable components from natural gas and condensate, robots capable of production control and equipment anomaly detection at production platforms, diamond-like carbon coating techniques for enhanced corrosion protection, as well as chemicals and equipment aimed at preventing and detecting corrosion in petroleum pipelines for instance.

Technologies for Supporting Petroleum Facilities Decommissioning

PTTEP has developed technologies to support the decommissioning of platform structures. This includes MERIns – Intelligent Pipeline Internal Sampling Pig, a groundbreaking technology for eco-friendly decommissioning and the world’s first of its kind.

Initiated in 2017, MERIns Project brings together educational institutions, government research agencies and environmental experts. As part of this initiative, the MERClean pipeline cleaning solution was also invented to enhance the efficiency of MERIns system. Apart from MERIns and MERClean, PTTEP also developed advanced technologies for plugging and abandonment operations of petroleum wells. These innovations ensure the safe decommissioning of petroleum pipelines while minimizing long-term environmental impacts.

Curing Technology for CO2 Sequestration in Artificial Reefs

In collaboration with Chulalongkorn University, PTTEP initiates a study on the curing technology, turning carbon dioxide into calcium carbonate or limestone. This technology enables the sequestration of CO2 within artificial reef concrete, reinforcing the structure while offering an environmentally friendly approach to reducing CO2 emissions and conserving coral ecosystems.

AI and Robotics

PTTEP is driving the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to enhance operation efficiencies of diverse industries. We have established a subsidiary – AI and Robotics Ventures Company Limited or ARV – specializing in the development and provision of services related to AI and Robotics, Machine Learning and innovative solutions. ARV’s notable achievements include:

Aerial Robotics Ecosystem

The highlight among cutting-edge aerial robotics with solution platform is “Horrus”, Thailand's first fully automated drone system for exploration and inspection. There are also “Skyller Platform” and “ARV Platform” designed for infrastructure inspection and monitoring. These innovative technologies are transforming how we explore, inspect, and maintain various infrastructures.

Ground Robotics Ecosystem

The ground robotics ecosystem includes “OURANOS”, a cutting-edge wellhead operation robot designed for tough environments. Equipped with a robotic arm and advanced AI, it can handle various tasks like routine inspections, daily patrols, and other operational duties, especially in hazardous areas. There is also “LAIKA-S”, a versatile quadrupedal inspection robot. With multiple sensors and the ability to navigate different terrains, LAIKA-s is perfect for surveying and inspection tasks. It helps reduce risks and potential dangers in project areas.

Subsea Robotics Ecosystem

The subsea robotics ecosystem comprises “XPLORER”, an autonomous underwater vehicle for subsea pipeline and infrastructure inspection; “XGATEWAY”, an autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) for autonomous hydrographic survey and multi-purposes offshore activities; and “XSPECTOR”, a customizable cloud-based data acquisition and management system designed for subsea IRM incorporates real-time reporting capabilities through a Web Application.

Smart Solutions Platforms

The nature-based solutions supporting decarbonization embrace; Smart Forest Platform: Green Area Management platform: Detection of hotspot, illegal logging, tree growth, carbon credit estimation, and local community management, Forest of Tomorrow: Carbon Credit Marketplace - connecting seller and buyers for high quality nature-based carbon credits, Drone Plantation: Drone Survey and plantation in forest area inaccessible by human

Moreover, there is Smart City Platform: BEDROCK which offers a range of products specifically designed to leverage location intelligence, including the City Digital Data Platform which is a central hub for collecting, storing, and managing various types of data that can be used to effectively plan, manage, and solve complex urban challenges, leading to the development of sustainable smart cities.