Free Clinic: A Hope for Underprivileged People

Around half of the population in Indonesia live in poverty with an average monthly income of $28…

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Healthy Schools, No Parasites

Health information of villagers, especially children who live surrounding natural gas pipeline routes show that over 60 percent of them have intestinal parasites…

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A Biogas Village: Nothing Goes to Waste

A large balloon with the plastic cover plastic cover appears tight and swollen from the biogas accumulated inside…

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Teenergy... A Spirit of Conservation

Protecting nature and the environment is an urgent mission for the country, and young people are the key engine that will drive the movement forward...

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The Final Mission: A Hope for New Lives

The warmer seawater and dead corals had a chain effect on other marine lives, and is inherently tied to the marine ecosystem and the livelihood of humans…

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PTTEP anticipates and manages current and future economic, environmental and social opportunities by risk and focusing on a diversify portfolio of project, innovation and technological competence, which will emerge as a leader and are more likely to create a competitive advantage and long-term stakeholder value for a sustainable business growth.
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Corporate Governance

PTTEP conducts its business with responsibility, transparency, and taking into account the needs of other stakeholders under Good Corporate Governance and Business Ethics to ensure the achievement of our goals, which are Growth, Prosperity, Stability, Sustainability and Dignity.
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PTTEP adheres to “No Gift” Policy PTTEP reports progress regarding the procurement with Rolls-Royce