Waste Management

Strategy and Targets for Waste Management

PTTEP handles waste from its operations in compliance with the regulations and laws stipulated by the countries where PTTEP operates as well as the waste management hierarchy. The first priority is to avoid generating waste at source, by removing and reducing waste volume. Then, the emphasis is on the strategy to reuse, recycle and recover waste in accordance with the circular economy concept. Waste treatment and disposal are the last in the hierarchy to consider. PTTEP targets zero hazardous waste to landfill in 2020 (where applicable and excluding waste with landfill disposal as the most environmentally friendly option), zero industrial waste to landfill in 2025, and zero total waste to landfill in 2030. The Company achieves the target of zero hazardous waste to landfill for Thailand operations in 2020 and maintains it to the present.

Waste Management

Further to its waste management with hierarchy above, PTTEP has sought and identified the best alternatives for waste management in E&P activities, in line with targets and to support the company’s waste management beyond local regulation requirements. The company has continuously improved the waste management alternatives for elevated standards, as well as studying and researching methods for waste upcycling and create added value to both the community and governmental sectors. PTTEP has conducted the study on the use of drilled cuttings, as our significant waste generated from our drilling activities, as alternative material for road construction and pavement. Additionally, the Company studied the produced sand waste conversion to zeolite, and conducted topside reuse at Arthit field. These are considered maximizing resource utilization under circular economy principal.

PTTEP also regularly conducts audit and review of the waste management systems at operating sites and those of waste treatment and disposal contractors, to ensure compliance to legal and the Company's requirements. This helps contractors improve their waste management areas and processes in a correct and proper manner.

PTTEP promotes the optimization of natural resources and energy consumption, while remaining environmentally friendly, at Headquarters in Bangkok and provincial offices. the Company adopts the Green Office concept from Department of Environmental Quality Promotion (DEQP)'s to promote the reduction in energy and natural resource consumption, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. This well supports the growing environmental conservation awareness to the Company's personnel.