PTTEP Information Center

PTTEP discloses information under the Information Act BE 1997 (Thai version only) as follows:

Section 7 

  • Structure and Organization Arrangement
  • Summary of main duties and functions and operating procedures
  • Contact address so that public can send request for (i) information or (ii) advice from the of the government agency
  • Ordinances, cabinet’s resolutions, regulations, orders or circulation letters, plans, policies or any interpretations, provided that any such specific rules are of the nature that have effect towards relevant private sectors
  • Any information as prescribed by the Official Information Commission

Section 9

  • A result of consideration or a decision which has a direct effect on a private individual including a dissenting opinion and an orderrelating thereto
  • A policy or an interpretation which does not fall within the scope of the requirement of publication in the Royal Gazette
  • A work-plan, project and annual expenditure estimate of the year of its preparation
  • A manual or order relating to work procedure of State officials which affects the rights and duties of private individuals
  • The published material to which a reference is made under the Royal Gazette
  • A concession contract, agreement of a monopolistic nature or joint venture agreement with a private individual for the provision of public services;
  • A resolution of the Council of Ministers or of such Board, Tribunal, Commission or Committee as established by law or by a resolution of the Council of Ministers; provided that the titles of the technical reports, fact reports or information relied on in such consideration shall also be specified
  • Other information as determined by the Official Information Commission

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