Debt Profile

As investments in the E&P industry becomes ever more challenging, one of the key success factors for sustainable long-term growth is through managing a healthy debt structure. Our low cost of debt and long average loan life are achievable through matching our debt currency exposure, as well as our interest rate mix, with our operational profile.

*** Excluding Hybrid Bonds***


31 December 2016

30 June 2017

Total Interest Bearing Debt

USD 2,933 million
(THB 105,102 million)

USD 2,933 million
(THB 99,678 million)

Weighted Average Cost of Debts 4.41% 4.46%
Weighted Average Loan Life 8.15 years 7.71 years

Maturity Profile

*On June 22, 2016, the company repurchased USD 177 million in principal amount of the USD 500 million bonds with maturity in 2018. As a result, the debt repayment amount in 2018 has decreased from USD 583 million to USD 406 million.