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What’s New


23 Apr 14

PTTEP acquires Hess Corporation in Thailand to strengthen its Thailand investment

11 Apr 14

PTTEP receives 4 awards from Hong Kong’s Corporate Governance Asia Magazine

04 Apr 14

PTTEP makes its first investment in Brazil, Enter into for 4 deep water exploration blocks

28 Mar 14

PTTEP Support Youth to preserve Thai sea in under the project on Marine Heritage of Thailand

06 Mar 14

PTTEP & TNS Bundled Project 10 Million Man-Hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI)

03 Mar 14

PTTEP and HITZ Joint Research and Development in CO2 Conversion to Methane – Renewable Energy Storage for Climate Change Mitigation

30 Jan 14

2013 PTTEP Financial and Operating Results

07 Jan 14

PTTEP reveals 2013 achievement and five-year plans

27 Nov 13

PTTEP can continue its operation normally


18 Apr 14

PTTEP Staff from Arthit Offshore Joins “PTTEP GREEN UP” at Khao Pra Taew Non-Hunting Area, Phuket

26 Mar 14

PTTEP Staff from TKM Division Joins “2014 PTTEP GREEN UP” at Bang Kachao



23 Apr 14

The acquisition of Hess Corporation’s interests in Thailand natural gas producing assets

04 Apr 14

Investment in Petroleum Exploration Project in the Federal Republic of Brazil

27 Mar 14

Resolutions of the 2014 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting

19 Feb 14

Agenda and Publication of the Meeting Notice for the 2014 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting

18 Feb 14

Audited Financial Statements, Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Operating Results for 2013, and Petroleum Reserves Report

17 Feb 14

Appointment of Sub-Committee