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What’s New


24 Jul 14

PTTEP announces the second quarter operating results

18 Jul 14

PTTEP unveils its new branch office in Maputo, Mozambique

15 Jul 14

PTTEP receives “Best Public Company 2014 Resources Industry Award” for 7 consecutively years from Money and Banking magazine

09 Jul 14

PTTEP and DD announce CSR projects establish a healthcare service center and support education in Indonesian community

26 May 14

Announcement about the entitled shareholders for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity

04 Apr 14

PTTEP makes its first investment in Brazil, Enter into for 4 deep water exploration blocks

29 Oct 13

PTTEP 3rd Quarter Operating Results

24 May 12

PTTEP Launches Alternative Long-Term Savings


04 Jul 14

Analysts and Fund Managers join CSR activity at Khaoyai National Park

24 Jun 14

Shareholders Join “2014 PTTEP GREEN UP” at Bangkachao

30 May 14

PTTEP Staff from CLG Division Joins “2014 PTTEP GREEN UP” at Bang Kachao

29 Jul 13

ปตท.สผ. มอบทุนการศึกษาระดับประถมศึกษา จังหวัดระนอง



24 Jul 14

Payment of Interim Dividend for the first half year operations of 2014

24 Jul 14

Unreviewed Financial Statements, Management’s Discussion and Analysis for the second quarter 2014

23 Jul 14

Report on the Use of Proceeds from Capital Increase

22 Jul 14

Resignation of Director

02 Jul 14

Resignation of Chairman of the Board

19 Feb 14

Agenda and Publication of the Meeting Notice for the 2014 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting

18 Feb 14

Audited Financial Statements, Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Operating Results for 2013, and Petroleum Reserves Report

17 Feb 14

Appointment of Sub-Committee