PTTEP anticipates and manages current and future economic, environmental and social opportunities by risk and focusing on a diversify portfolio of project, innovation and technological competence, which will emerge as a leader and are more likely to create a competitive advantage and long-term stakeholder value for a sustainable business growth.

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Wider Society

PTTEP believes that the cultivation of intellectual assets within the community is true path towards sustainability.   Therefore, we strive to give back and return benefits to society as whole,   By equipping the people with the knowledge and means which with to improve their live and livelihood, the quality of living can be improved sustainably...

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PTTEP is determined to pursue all three aspects of sustainability: business prosperity, impact to society and environmental stewardship. Our Environmental Management System, under the Safety, Security, Health and Environment Management System, Green Practices Roadmap, complies with the international standard...
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Investor Relations

Investor Relations Principle

We take pleasure in fostering good relationships with our stakeholders. PTTEP Investor Relations are dedicated to provide investors, shareholders, and interested parties with relevant information
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