SET Notification

Election of Director and Appointment of Sub-Committee

1 February 2018

PTTEP 13061/00-1122/2018                                                                                   

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1 February 2018
The Stock Exchange of Thailand
93 Ratchadapisek Road, Dindaeng
Bangkok 10400
Dear Sir,
Subject:   Election of Director and Appointment of Sub-Committee
1. Certificate and Biography of the new Director (F24-2)
2. Information and Vision of the new Director
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited or PTTEP would like to announce that the Company’s Board of Directors Meeting No. 2/2561/436 has resolved to elect Ms. Penchun Jarikasem to be a Director and appoint to be the member of the Risk Management Committee in replacement of Mr. Piti Tantakasem who resigned from PTTEP directorship with effective from 1 February 2018 with the State Enterprise Policy Committee’s approval for being PTTEP’s Director. PTTEP hereby attaches, to this letter, the Information and Vision of Ms. Penchun Jarikasem.
Sincerely yours,
Pranot Tirasai
Pranot Tirasai
Corporate Secretary