Stakeholder Value Creation

PTTEP conducts its business as a responsible corporate member of society to observe the laws of Thailand and the countries where we operate. We strongly support the fundamental human rights in line with the legitimate role of business and give proper regard to health, safety, security and environment consistent with commitment to contribute to sustainable development. Our sustainable social development strategy focuses on engaging with and creating value for stakeholders. In 2017, PTTEP commences to strategically implement the social development project into 3 categories as follows:

1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

2. Creating Shared Value (CSV)

3. Social Enterprise (SE)

Our social development projects and philanthropic activities are managed under the existing group-wide Policies, Guideline and Standards. PTTEP strategy is to focus on community investment rather than charitable donation and commercial initiative. In 2019 PTTEP spent USD 11.16 Million in social investment whereas the cost of In-kind giving is at USD 1.18 Million. PTTEP management and staff spent 11,196 volunteering hours on community program during working hours which is equivalent to USD 0.20 Million. The management overhead is at USD 3.09 Million.

PTTEP’s strategic execution is divided into two levels i.e. Macro and Micro Levels.  At a macro level, the company focuses on restoring marine resources by building up networks for the conservation and hatchery of economic aquatic animals and activities that shall reduce ocean trash. At a micro level, social development projects are implemented in response to the community needs. All community and social development projects are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as follows:

1. Conserve and Sustainably Use the Oceans Seas and Marine Resources for Sustainable Development

PTTEP restores marine natural resources of the Thai sea through the Aquatic Animal Hatchery Learning   Center and the establishment of Conservation Network to raise the awareness of sustainable use of resources. In the future, it has been planned to set up a Sea Turtle Hospital in Songkhla Province and support the planting and maintenance of mangrove forest. This will become a nursery and habitat for numerous marine larvae.

2.Good Health and Well-being

PTTEP takes care of health and sanitation of underprivileged communities who have limited access to medical services. To promote good health and well-being for people at all ages, LKC (Layanan Kesehatan Cuma-Cuma) or free health service in Indonesia, Lan Krabue Hospital Project in Thailand and PTTEP Mobile Health Check Project in Myanmar are implemented for the benefit of the communities and the public in general.

3.Affordable and Clean Energy

PTTEP promotes the use of cost effective and sustainable energy source, with a specific focus on alternative energy, among communities in our operations areas. Waste to Energy Project does not only generate methane as cooking gas for community but also manages kitchen waste effectively. This project reduces cost of household cooking gas and, on top of that, communities get bio-fertilizer by product which is generated from bio-gas kit for their garden. Up to 2019, 241 bio-gas kits have been installed in communities in the Sinphuhorm operations area in Udonthani Province. Furthermore, a learning center has been set up in Tab Hai Village to share knowledge to other communities. Given this success, the company replicates this project to communities in Zawtika operations area in Myanmar.

3.Quality Education

PTTEP supports equal access to education by providing scholarships to students in primary school to undergraduate programs in all operations areas. In Indonesia, the company supports Beastudi Etos Indonesia-Scholarship Project, a human resource investment providing opportunity to the underprivileged potential high school students to continue their studies in engineering and medicine. Besides, the company supports SIOLA Integrated Holistic Early Childhood Development Center Project which provides holistic services for children’s growth and development by integrating parental counseling services on health, nutrition, child protection and household economic management.

In Thailand, PTTEP, together with PTT Group, established Kamnoetvidya Science Academy School (KVIS) and Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC) to upgrade the education as well as science and technology research, enhancing the competitiveness for sustainable development of the country.

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Philanthropy and Contributions Overview
PTTEP has a commitment to act in a socially responsible manner. A core component of this is to support community development through social investment. Through our social investment strategy, PTTEP contributes to a range of initiatives from philanthropic donations to investments.
Philanthropy & Contributions Projects and Activities
In 2018, PTTEP’s philanthropic activity includes disaster relief for Earthquake and Tsunami victims in Indonesia, X-Pian Dam Collapse victims in the Republic of Laos and affected people of tropical storm “PABUK” in Thailand and support to Basic Needs requirement such as monetary donation to public hospitals i.e. Rajavithi Hospital, Ramathibodi Foundation for Chakri Naruedindra Medical Institute and Songkhla Hospital to provide medical services to public.  In the area of quality of life enhancement, contributions have been made to Phrabatnampu Temple for a charity concert to raise funds for Aids patients, the Army for the disabled Army personnel and family and to various charity organizations to improve Elderly’s quality of life. Other than this, scholarships are provided to students in all operating areas and PTTEP Save Life Campaign is held annually staff and contractors to donate blood at Headquarter and operating sites.

For more information, please visit Wider Society: Overview and Expectations.

United to Fight the Crisis

PTTEP contributes Thai Baht 37 Million or over USD 1 Million to hospitals, educational institutions and organizations in Thailand and other countries to support the fight against COVID-19. In addition, PTTEP has teamed up with its subsidiary to apply engineering knowledge to improve the negative pressure patient transfer prototype of the Faculty of Medicine, Vajira Hospital of Navanindradhiraj University. The 100 newly-developed negative pressure patient transfer units and 92 mobile negative pressure boxes have been handed over to the Faculty for further distribution to hospitals across Thailand including those in PTTEP operations areas. This innovation will protect and safeguard Thailand’s medical staff on the front line fighting with COVID-19.

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Used Shipping Container for Local Charity in Australia

PTTEP AA donated a 20-foot used shipping container to the Down Syndrome Association of the Northern Territory (DSANT) to be used as its storage facility for the "Cash for Containers" (C4C) program. The Cash for Containers (C4C) program is a social enterprise run by the DSANT, which provides meaningful participation in employment for people with down syndrome and others with a range of learning abilities.

Support Royal Black Bengal Goats Breeding Project

PTTEP donated Thai Baht 1,014,000 to the Quartermaster Department, represented by Lieutenant General Pitsanu Boonraksa, Director-General. The donation was made to support the Royal Black Bengal Goats Bleeding project. General Vijak Siribunsop, Assistant Commander in Chief, was in attendance as a witness. The ceremony was held at the Quartermaster Department, Royal Thai Army, Nontaburi Province.

Support Charity Concert to Raise Fund for Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Foundation

PTTEP donated Thai Baht 2 Million to the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Foundation to support the Pink Park Eternal Love Concert to raise funds for the project of "Pink Park Village", the Center for the last stage of underprivileged breast cancer patients.

Support Project for Disabled Army Veterans

PTTEP and PTTEP Services donated Thai Baht 2,360,820 and Thai Baht 1,911,140 respectively to support the 2019 Supplementary Occupation project to increase the incomes of army veterans with disabilities and their families at the Royal Thai Army Headquarters.

Merit-making Activity to Mark PTTEP 34th Anniversary

PTTEP by Senior Staff Club held merit-making activity to mark PTTEP 34th Anniversary by donating day to day essentials and provides lunch to 24 seniors at the Elderly Social Welfare Development Center, Ban Bang Khae.   This is another outstanding contribution for the greater good of Thai Society by the Club.

Scholarship Presentation Ceremony in S1 Project Area

PTTEP by S1 project organized the 2019 Scholarship Presentation Ceremony for 702 students in Lan Krabue and Sai Ngam Districts and 10 scholarships under the Phet S1 Scholarship for Bachelor’s Degree to school students from the S1 operating area.

In 2019, PTTEP grants more than 2,500 scholarships at the total cost of more than Thai Baht 11.7 Million to students at all level from kindergarten, elementary, secondary, vocational to college level across many provinces including Kamphaeng Phet, Phitsanulok and Sukhothai Provinces.

Providing Disaster Relief Bags and Scholarships to Army Children

PTTEP by S1 project provided 3,200 disaster relief bags together with drinking water to affected communities in the northern part of Thailand and Thai Baht 300,000 for scholarships to support Army children.

Survival Bags for Disaster Victims

PTTEP by management and staff of S1 project prepared 3,500 sets of survival bags and drinking water for distribution to flood victims in the operating area of S1.

Support to Hat Yai Hospital Foundation

PTTEP made a donation of Thai Baht 100,000 to support “210th Year Felix Mendelssohn by The Virtuosi of Thailand”, a charity classical music concert to raise funds for the Hat Yai Hospital Foundation for the purchase of dialysis machines.

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for the “36th  Anniversary PTTEP S1 Building, Inpatient Building, Lan Krabue Hospital

PTTEP represented by S1 Project and Lan Krabue Hospital organized a foundation stone laying ceremony for the “36th Anniversary PTTEP S1 Building”, Inpatient Building at Lan Krabue Hospital to commemorate the 36th anniversary of Sirikit Oil Field. PTTEP supported the construction of a two-storey, 60-bed inpatient building and the purchase of medical equipment at the total budget of Thai Baht 20 Million.

Endow Master’s Degree Scholarship in the Field of Petroleum and Energy Technology

PTTEP presented Thai Baht 1.2 Million to Assistant Professor Dr. Kitipat Simanon, Chairman of the Petroleum and Energy Technology Curriculum, the Petroleum and Petrochemical College as a support for 2 Master’s Degree scholarships under the PPC 30 Years 30 Scholarships project.

First Service of Parasite Free School Program

PTTEP by Zawtika project organized the first round of service under Parasite Free School Program for more than 6,000 students from 35 schools along the Zawtika pipeline corridor in Kanbauk, Yephyu Township, Tanintharyi Region. The service includes collecting of stool samples, medical check-up, diagnosis, treatment and health promotion activities to increase awareness.

First Offshore Petroleum Production Scholarship Presentation

PTTEP and Joint-Venture Partners granted the Offshore Petroleum Production Scholarship to children of fishermen from Kindergarten to University in Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Songkhla and Pattani provinces

Survival Bags for Flood Victims

PTTEP and Join-Venture Partners of Petroleum Development Support Base Songkhla, and the Marine Task Force of Royal Thai Navy, prepared 1,000 survival bags for flood victims in Narathiwat and Pattani provinces.

2019 Petroleum Engineering and Geoscience Scholarships

PTTEP grants 3 Petroleum Engineering scholarships to students from Chulalongkorn University and 9 Petroleum Geoscience scholarships to students from Chulalongkorn University, Chiang Mai University, Khon Kaen University, and Mahidol University.


PTTEP organized the 19th blood donation activity under “PTTEP Save Life Campaign” for PTT Group and other companies at Energy Complex. A total blood of 56,700 cc. had been collected and donated to the Vajira Hospital. In addition, the monetary support of Thai Baht 100,000 had been made to the hospital. PTTEP Blood Donation Activities had been held on a quarterly basis. 2,155 PTTEP staff participated in the blood donation activity during 2015-2019 with an accumulated donated blood of 927,650 cc.