Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship and PTTEP Group Wide Social Development Strategy

With regards to “Good Corporate Citizenship”, PTTEP defines a group wide social development strategy which is deployed globally to all operating assets whilst taking into account the specific need of each community. 

PTTEP continuously implements social development projects to create values for society in addition to strengthening our relationship with the communities through strategic communications, providing knowledge and understanding of good exploration and production practices, as well as involvement of PTTEP employees in the company’s initiatives to develop community and society.  PTTEP conducts the Stakeholder Commitment Survey, the results of which will be used to develop PTTEP’s social development strategy in order to gain acceptance and support for the company’s operations. PTTEP classifies stakeholder commitment level into 4 levels i.e. 1. Awareness 2. Understanding 3. Engagement 4. Support and aims to achieve “Support” level from key stakeholders. To achieve the target PTTEP CSR and philanthropic activities will be deployed to improve the quality of life of stakeholders


PTTEP’s social development strategy focuses on Stakeholder Value Creation and Basic Needs continues to get priority. Work plan covers the transformation of potential CSR project to CSV (Creating Shared Value) and the implementation of Social Enterprise project. All these are in line with Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 

 With an aim to implement social development project efficiently, PTTEP carries out an analysis of Social Return on Investment of the projects. To date, SROI of 17 projects have been done and SROI ratio is available to view in the respective project information. 



For more information, please visit Stakeholder Value Creation