SD Policy and Guidelines

Sustainable Development Policy

Underpin the vision of "Energy Partner of Choice through competitive performance and innovation for long-term value creation" which, we believe, can be achieved by instituting organization and business sustainability.

Our principles for the promotion of Sustainable Growth are as follows:

governance, Risk Management, Control and Compliance, Business Ethics and Code of Conduct shall be comprehensively and robustly applied to ensure value creation to all stakeholders.
operation shall be undertaken by managing all environmental aspects in particular; greenhouse gases, energy efficiency, water resource, biodiversity and waste-disposal throughout project cycle and supply chain operation.
returns on capital shall be achieved by increased production and enhanced proven reserves by way of an embedded Operational Excellence culture.
contribution shall be achieved through PTTEPs social development programme to the people of the nations where we operate.
advanced Company shall be achieved by the application of E&P excellence and green technologies.
Performance Organization shall be attained by systematically improving the efficiency of enterprise resource planning, human capital competency, and Safety, Security, Health and Environment (SSHE) management to be competitive in international arenas.

The scope of this policy applies to all activities undertaken directly by PTTEP or by others on its behalf at any of its subsidiaries and associated companies around the world. Joint Venture companies not under PTTEP control are encouraged to adopt similar standards.

Sustainable Development Booklet

In order to communicate our expectations on sustainable development, PTTEP has created a Sustainable Development Booklet that provides a quick overview of how PTTEP plans to ensure our sustainable growth. This booklet aims to ensure that all PTTEP employees, subsidiaries, contractors and suppliers and joint venture companies have the same perspective and general understanding of how to apply sustainability concepts in their day-to-day roles across the organization and in interactions with peers and stakeholders.