SD Governance Structure

Sustainability Governance and Structure

Strong governance structures and clear accountability enable PTTEP to deliver our commitments towards sustainable goals. While PTTEP Board of Directors is the highest governance body who provides advisory and approves PTTEP's Sustainable Development (SD) strategy and target that will be advised prior by the Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee. In terms of sustainable operation management, the Management Committee, with CEO as the Chairman, is responsible for overseeing and endorsement of PTTEP's sustainability related policies, directing PTTEP's sustainability approach including strategy, framework, target and roadmap.

To ensure the integration of sustainability into PTTEP business, continual improvement as well as transparent communications, the Sustainable Development and Knowledge Management Department, reporting to Corporate Strategy Division, is accountable for coordinating with PTTEP management from divisions and departments to deploy to employees who have important role in implementing and complying to achieve SD target. The Sustainable Development Department is responsible for regularly monitor result and effectiveness of the SD roadmap execution, internally and externally benchmark, and as well as report the result to Management Committee on a regular basis.

With this governance framework, PTTEP's contribution to sustainable development is founded upon securing energy reserves to source and consumption for future generations while creates the benefits to wider economy, society and the environment.