CEO Statement

 Mr. Phongsthorn Thavisin
President and Chief Executive Officer


Sustainability has been an integral part of our identity with vision to become energy partner of choice through competitive performance and innovation for long-term value creation. Throughout the three decades, PTTEP has delivered impressive growth, supported by outstanding social and environmental performances, which underpins our Expand and Execute Strategy. Sustainability is, therefore, not only our goal, but it is also the way we think and act in pursuit of our vision.

Today the world is facing major challenges. Global agendas such as UN Global Compact Principles (UNGC), 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Sufficiency Economy play significant roles in shaping the way business should be conducted. PTTEP, as a good global citizen, has integrated both UNGC and SDGs into our sustainable growth and is striving to make a positive contribution to the SDGs relevant to our business, primarily targeting the areas where we can contribute positive impact.

Sustainability can be defined under different perspectives. PTTEP’s sustainability strategy is based on the Sustainable Development Framework: Business Growth, Environmental Stewardship and Social Development, which we continuously improve performance and contribution measured through leading ESG-benchmarks such as maintaining our membership in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and leadership level ‘A’ on Carbon Disclosure Project. To achieve this objective, PTTEP focuses on the key aspects of High Performance Organization (HPO) to drive efficiency at all key business processes; Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) for effective governance in the organization; and Stakeholders Value Creation (SVC) as part of our commitment to deliver sustainable value under the vision “Energy Partner of Choice”. Our sustainability efforts to actively contribute meaningfully in areas of sustainable development have also been recognized by a number of assessors, international rating programs as well as national and international sustainability and corporate responsibility awards, which serve as other measurements of our tangible contribution. Simultaneously, we believe in the potentials in energy sector to contribute to the future sustainable development agenda. We foresee sustainable growth as our capability to create long-term values for and with our key stakeholders - shareholders, employees, partners, customers, suppliers, government, competitors, society, community and the environment. With future shared value in mind, PTTEP strive to build sustainable practices into our everyday activities in our value chain to achieve the positive impacts together with our partners.

Going forward, PTTEP will continue to set and achieve ambitious objectives within our focus areas, we will continue to incorporate sustainability strategy in our global operations and approach, and unite all operations under the umbrella of sustainability to deliver desirable outcomes. And above all, we will continue to grow our business in a sustainable way for PTTEP and our partners to continue the journey of sustainability and balance the return to Business, Environment and Society.