SSHE Vision, Mission and Policy

SSHE Vision and Missions


PTTEP will be a leading company that regards SSHE as a license to operate and strives to achieve Safety, Security, Health and Enviromnent (SSHE) excellence by being a zero incident organization.


  • Prevent all incidents through operational and process safety management.
  • Ensure compliance with and constantly manage and improve our well-established SSHE Management System and its readiness to be able to promptly and effectively respond to emergencies, crises, and security-related events.
  • Help to deliver energy reliably and securely by using proven and environmentally friendly teclmology and by operating responsibly to ensure PTTEP's sustainable development.
  • Create a generative SSHE culture that is grounded in leadership at every level of the organization, from management to contractors, where everybody understands the crucial importance of SSHE risks, and uncompromisingly manages any SSHE risks in their own working environment.
  • Achieve top quartile SSHE performance in exploration and production industry.


Safety, Security, Health and Environment Policy (SSHE)

PTTEP places SSHE as a core value and adheres to safe operating standards to ensure operational and process safety, the health of everybody involved in our operations and communities in which we operate, environmental protection in all stages of the business life cycle, and security of our people and assets. This is to achieve Target Zero - being an incident free organization - and achieving a Generative SSHE Culture to support the key objective of sustainable development.

PTTEP shall:

  • Strive to achieve a Generative SSHE culture through visible leadership and commitment to SSHE, and involvement of all employees and contractors to implement the SSHE Management Line Management has a responsibility with clear authorities and accountabilities for SSHE performance.
  • Achieve and maintain SSHE excellence by setting measurable SSHE objectives, KPIs, and targets, and assessing performance through regular audits and reviews.
  • Meet compliance requirements with all applicable SSHE laws in all our global operations.
  • Manage operational and process safety as a fundamental and critical element in our practice. To achieve this SSHE risks shall be identified , analyzed , evaluated and treated by applying the As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) principle.
  • Work with contractors and suppliers to achieve PTTEP's SSHE requirements.
  • Continuously reinforce to all employees and contractors the right to exercise their "Stop Work Authority (SWA)'', comply with Management of Change (MOC) Standard, and ensure SSHE competency for their required job.
  • Promote employee health as part of an effective occupational health management.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions aligning with a pathway to a low carbon future.
The successful implementation of this Policy requires total commitment from PTTEP employees and contractors at all levels.