Creating Shared Value

Shared value is a management strategy in which the company enhance the competitive advantage   and simultaneously advance society where it operates by addressing the needs and challenges with a business model.

PTTEP strategically applies the concept of “Creating Shared Value” to the existing social responsibility projects to create shared value between the Company and society for the sustainable operation. The review and screening process has been carried out to identify the proper project by focusing on PTTEP’s expertise and business network to support the targeted community or stakeholders. 

Technical Capability Building and Development Project has been identified.  Initially the project is implemented to address the lack of skilled labor (Welder and Air-condition Technician) in Myanmar, PTTEP collaborates with Myanmar’s Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security to organize 12 training sessions during 2015-2016 to develop 313 technicians for businesses and industries in Myanmar and abroad.  Upon completion, 275 out of 313 technicians have been employed.  In 2017 the company expands the training scope to cover electrical technicians.  Resulting in total, 10 trainings are organized for 299 participants. In addition, PTTEP also supports skill assessment by the National Skills Standard Authority (NSSA). 

So far, the program has allowed over 600 technicians to be employed and over 150 technicians to be assessed by NSSA.  In future, the technicians under this project may be employed to work for PTTEP.