Innovation and Knowledge Management

PTTEP Technology Development

PTTEP uses technology to enhance its core E&P activities and drive the company to achieve sustainable growth. We have developed our own Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies to create new business opportunities and enhance our competitive advantage for the future.

Our approaches to technology development are to utilize advanced technologies that are already available in the market and to develop our own novel technologies. PTTEP develops technologies through partnership with both domestic and international parties as well as institutions such as PTT Group, government agencies, academic institutions, etc. to drive R&D through 3 technology focuses:

  1. Enhance core E&P business
  2. Minimize environmental impact
  3. Support new business opportunity

PTTEP Technology Development approaches and project examples are highlighted as follows:

1. Enhance core E&P business

PTTEP applies technologies to enhance the core E&P business with 3 main objectives: to increase the success in finding new reserves, to improve capital investment and to enhance operational capability for new M&A. Four technology groups being developed are advanced exploration, contaminant removal in gas and condensate, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and decommissioning and abandonment. Technologies under development are such as high efficiency computing, advanced absorbent, high efficiency filter for condensate decontamination, chemical EOR and low-cost decommissioning technology.

2. Minimize environmental impact

PTTEP has applied technologies to minimize the environmental impacts in 3 key areas: to reduce the greenhouse gas from the petroleum production process, to reuse the waste from E&P activities and to conserve the marine ecosystem. Various technologies are now under development, such as chemical and biological conversion of the greenhouse gas to valuable products and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

3. Support new business

Recognizing the change of the landscape in the energy industry, PTTEP is preparing for new business opportunities by developing new knowledge and enhancing staff’s capabilities in the areas of new energy technology, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), advanced material and AI & Robotics.

PTTEP Technology and Innovation Centre

PTTEP is establishing the PTTEP Technology and Innovation Centre (PTIC) at the Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi) to support the company’s technology development and innovations. PTIC is currently under the design stage. The construction of the centre is expected to be completed in 2022.

Knowledge Management

PTTEP sees the importance of Knowledge Management (KM) by focusing on knowledge management cycle which consists of Creating, Sharing and Applying knowledge.

The company encourages staff to follow knowledge management cycle by using knowledge from their experiences to create and share among PTTEP staff who seek and apply knowledge and lessons learned before starting their work. The leveraged knowledge helps PTTEP to increase its capability and leads to innovation.

With our commitment to become a High-Performance and Innovative Organization, PTTEP sets up KM Policy, processes and guidelines to ensure standardization and effectiveness of all KM activities in alignment with PTT Group KM Policy. PTTEP conducts an annual KM Maturity Assessment by benchmarking with international practices to assess gaps and develop an action plan to close the gaps and meet the KM Maturity Target.

In addition, the company sets up activities and projects to strengthen KM practices. Highlights include setting up key roles, responsibilities and vision of PTTEP management, developing PTTEP Knowledge Management System, deploying Community of Practice as a channel for staff to exchange knowledge, inviting internal and external experts to share their experiences and improving the PTTEP KM portal which is the company’s knowledge base.