Biodiversity Showcase "External Cooperation for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Management"

17 May 2019

External Cooperation for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Management

For continual improvement, the avoidance and reduction on the risk of potential impacts on biodiversity and to support the creation of net positive impact on biodiversity, PTTEP participated in Business & Biodiversity Check campaign launched by the Biodiversity-Based Economy Development Office (BEDO) partnered with Biodiversity-Based Economy Development Foundation. The participation in this campaign allows us to be ready in the application of biodiversity and ecosystem services in a sustainable way. The Business & Biodiversity Check campaign assesses the effects and dependencies our operations have on biodiversity and ecosystem services over our supply chain and support us to integrate biodiversity conservation into our operations and environmental management system. This also promotes the business opportunity. In 2018, PTTEP1 project in Suphanburi province, a pilot project, in Business & Biodiversity Check to evaluate in 9 areas: Strategy and management; Stakeholder and public relations; Company premises, real estate; Procurement: raw materials, energy, water, etc.; Product development and production; Logistics and transport; End products and services; Sales and marketing; and Human Resources. With this study, PTTEP was able to gain recommendations for further measures to reduce negative effects.