To implement projects which conserve and protect natural resources for future generations such as H.T.M.S. Underwater Learning Center as well as being an initiative to support PTTEP's business drivers in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting UN SDG 7, such as The Forest Restoration for Eco-learning at Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park Project, Waste to Energy Project in Thailand and abroad, and Forest Fire Prevention and Protection.

The indicators and performances of the corporate social responsibility projects under the environment theme are presented in an example project as follows.

Environmental conservation projects support UN SDG 7 with key performance indicators of some project as follows:

The Flare Gas Utilization for Local Agricultural Product Processing Project

  1. Expenses saved (at least 50%) after switching from cooking gas to excess gas.
  2. Greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 5,000 tonnes per year.

Waste to Energy Project

  1. Up to date, there are 700 Bio-gas pits in the area.
  2. Expenses on cooking gas saved by 4,200 THB per household per year.