Educational supports are in line with UN SDG 4 and foster the "human resource investment" business driver. The project has been carried out through scholarships in the elementary level to the undergraduate level. These include PTTEP Phet S1 Scholarship, English Program for Community School Project, PTTEP English Teacher Development Project, Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC) Project, Scholarships for PTTEP Recruitment Project, Higher Education Assistance for Development (HEAD) Scholarship Projects and High Vocational Certificate Scholarship for Students in Myanmar. These projects are aimed at training scientists and researchers to cultivate knowledge in technology and innovation that will drive sustainable development in the country, and to build skilled and competent human resources for the business world.

PTTEP has annually sponsored 3,000 scholarships for studies in elementary, secondary, vocational and university levels, via business units and joint ventures in Thailand and overseas

The indicators and performances of the corporate social responsibility projects under the education theme are presented in an example project as follows.

Supports to education are one of PTTEP's commitments to create education opportunities at all levels through scholarship and other supporting projects such as the PTTEP Phet S1 Scholarship (SROI 3.64 : 1) and Scholarships for PTTEP Recruitment Project (SROI 3.19 : 1) The projects support UN SDG 4 and have key performance indicators as follows:

  • A total of 138 scholarships from PTTEP Phet S1 Scholarship and 97 scholarship recipients graduated.
  • A total of 225 scholarships from Scholarships for PTTEP Recruitment Project and 187 scholarship recipients graduated.
  • 4 of PTTEP Pet S1 Scholarship and 125 of Scholarships for PTTEP Recruitment Project's recipients graduated with credentials that meet PTTEP's recruitment criteria.