Basic Needs

Providing basic needs are aligned UN SDG 3 through projects that promote education opportunities, professional skill development, job creation and income generation, and the development of youths especially in operating areas.

To implement projects which address stakeholders' demands as follows:

The indicators and performances of the corporate social responsibility projects under the basic need theme are presented in an example project as follows.

Projects that offer stakeholders basic needs as guided by UN SDGs have enjoyed the participation and support from communities, governments, and local authorities. Some of them are:

  • Sobis Pammase Project: The project supports social enterprises in generating income and lifting community quality of life through shrimp, duck, chicken, and bee farming since 2018. Partial profits are allocated to the SIOLA Program which focuses on improving the health of pre-school children and promoting household environments that are beneficial to a child's growth in terms of food, health and protection. SIOLA covers 15 centers in West Sulawesi, Republic of Indonesia.
  • Labour Skill and Competency Development Project: The implementation of labour skill development in Songkhla provinces, in collaboration with Songkhla Institute for Skill Development, to support the production and development of skilled workers with specific expertise and international standards into the labor market such as the underwater metal arc cutting and welding training.