SIOLA Preschool Development Project

In 2018, the SIOLA project establishes 2 new SIOLA centers, bringing the number to 15 centers across West Sulawesi province. The project has also built the capacity of more than 30 local teachers, trained them as trainers, and encouraged experience sharing with teachers from other centers. PTTEP also established “Sobis Pammase Project”, a social enterprise association to promote shrimp, duck, chicken, and bee farming. A portion of profits from farming activities will be used to support SIOLA centers' operations to ensure their sustainability.

Furthermore, PTTEP organized a campaign to raise health awareness among pre-school children and their families, in collaboration with local hospitals and UNICEF, to promote good hygiene practices, disease prevention, nutrition, and to provide family counseling services in various areas. Since the project's inception 5 years ago, SIOLA has provided quality support on early childhood development to 3,217 children at the 15 SIOLA centers. The participating children have shown improvements in their health, self-confidence, creativity, and their academic performances.

SIOLA project has won several recognitions from international awards, namely:

  • The 9th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards (2017): Platinum Award in Best Community Program.
  • The Asia – Pacific Stevie Awards (2017): Bronze award for the Innovation in Community Program.
  • The 10th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards (2018): Platinum Award in Best Community Program.
  • The 11th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards (2019): Gold Award in Best Community Program.

PTTEP has carried out analysis on Social Return on Investment (SROI) of this project by measuring the social impact of the program with the financial quantification calculation (monetization). This method is intended to measure the value of the financial impact of the program that compares to the value of the impact to the cost of the program that has been invested into. It appears that the value of the SROI ratio is 2.87: 1