Technical Capability Building and Development Project

Technical Capability Building and Development Project has been initiated as a result of the survey of available skilled labor in Myanmar and a consultation with the Skill Training Center, an internal organization under the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security. It reveals that there are insufficient numbers of welders and air conditioning technicians. PTTEP therefore collaborates with Myanmar's Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security to implement the project in 2015, with an aim to develop technicians for business and industry in Myanmar and abroad.

For the first phase (2015-2017), PTTEP renovated training building, procured equipment and organized Welding, and Air-condition Installation training courses to upgrade the skill level of local artisans. Twenty-two Training sessions have been held for 613 participants in total. PTTEP also supports skills assessment by the National Skills Standards Authority (NSSA). And in 2017, the scope of training is expanded to provide support for electrical technicians Electrical training course.

Since inception to date, 1,211 technicians have been developed for Myanmar Industry, the accumulated training hours are more than 181,650 hours. 483 technicians have passed the assessment of NSSA. 60% of trained technicians have already been employed and created their own business. In future, the technicians under this project may be employed to work for PTTEP.