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PTTEP Petroleum Development Support Base (PSB)

Type of Business Support Exploration and Production Projects
Location Songkhla and Ranong Provinces
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The Project consists of two bases.

  • The PSB in Songkhla province
    • Located in 98.74 Rai of land or 156,992 Sq.m. , the PSB was inaugurated on August 9, 2006. 
    • An ISPS code approval for its jetty was given in December by the Office of Maritime Promotion Commission.
    • PSB Songkhla supports exploration and production projects in the Gulf of Thailand including Bongkot, Arthit, Nang Nuan and MTJDA-B17.
  • The PSB in Ranong province
    • got off the ground with the signing of contract in May 2006 with the Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) for the use of ports, utilities and facilities for 3 years from 2009-2012.
    • The Project Feasibility Study was completed to establish PSB Ranong as a logistic support base to supply marine gas,oil, water and material for drilling operations in Myanmar. as an alternatives to SIngapore.  The Company collaborated with PTT Plc. and PAT in improving and establishing utilities and facilities here, with services start up in June 2006