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Algeria 433a and 416b Project

The project production volumes averaged 17,501 BPD.
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Algeria Hassi Bir Rekaiz Project

The project’s development plan has been approved by the Algerian government in April 2018.
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PTTEP Australasia Project

The Montara Field sales volume averaged 8,139 BPD. The Cash Maple Field completed the Pre-FEED study and is under evaluation of development plan.
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Sarawak SK410B Project

The project is currently assessing the project’s resource potential and under preparation to drill exploration wells.
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Mexico block 29 (2.4) Project

The Company holds 16.67% interest in the project, with Repsol Exploración México, S.A. de C.V. as an operator.
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Mexico block 12 (2.4) Project

The Company holds 20% interest in the project, with PC Carigali Mexico Operations, S.A. de C.V. as an operator.
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Mozambique Rovuma Offshore Area 1 Project

The project signed the additional LNG Heads of Agreement (HOA) of 2.6 Million tons per annum (MTPA) with Tokyo Gas Co.,Ltd. and Centrica LNG Co.,Ltd. The Project also expedites the finalization of other LNG Sale and Purchase Agreements (SPAs).
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Zawtika Project

The project has maintained its production as planned and continues production well drilling activities. The project completed production drilling from 1 out of 4 production platforms in Phase 1C to maintain the level of production in future. In Q2, 2018, the project natural gas sales averaged 327 MMSCFD (approximately 52,112 BOED).
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Vietnam 16-1 Project

The project is under the preparation of drilling production wells to maintain production capacity. In Q2, 2018 crude oil and natural gas sales volume averaged 20,736 BPD and 8 MMSCFD (approximately 1,961 BOED) respectively.
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Bongkot Project

The project completed the acquisition of 22.2222% stake from Shell on June 21, 2018 and is in the process of Dataroom assessment in order to bid for the expiring concession.
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Contract 4 Project

The Ubon Field is in the process of pre-development and is expected to deliver first oil production of oil and natural gas by 2022 at planned capacity of 25,000 BPD and 50 MMSCFD (approximately 8,300 BOED), respectively.
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S1 Project

The project has continuously drilled additional production wells to increase production levels in the future.
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Investment Type

PTTEP as Joint Operator

Exploration and Production

Algeria 433a & 416b Project
Type of Business Exploration and Production
Concessions Blocks 433a & 416b
Area 437.31 square kilometers
Location East of Algeria
Operator Groupement Bir Seba (Joint Operating Company)
Petroleum Fields Bir Seba, Mouiat Ouled Messaoud
Type of Petroleum Crude Oil
Signing Date July 10, 2002
Production Start-up August 12, 2015
Phase Production
Investment Type PTTEP as Joint Operator

Partners & Share

Algeria 433a & 416b

Petrovietname Exploration Production Corporation (PVEP)
PTTEP Algeria Company Limited (PTTEP AG)

Project Progress :

Year :


Quarter 4 In 2017, the project production volume averaged 17,360 BPD.


Quarter 1 The project production volume averaged 17,344 BPD. Quarter 2 The project production volumes averaged 17,501 BPD.