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PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited
Energy Complex Building A
6th Floor & 19th - 36th Floor
555/1 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road
Chatuchak, Chatuchak
Bangkok 10900 Thailand

Phone: 66 (0) 2537-4000
Fax: 66 (0) 2537-4444

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PTTEP News  
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18 May 15
PTTEP receives Best Regional Cash Management Solution Award

08 May 15
“PTTEP SAVE LIFE” activity donates blood under the campaign of “30 CSR Activities, 30th Anniversary of PTTEP”

06 May 15
Announcement about the entitled shareholders for CSR activity

30 Apr 15
PTTEP reveals better-than-expected Q1 operating results

29 Apr 15
PTTEP receives 4 awards from Corporate Governance Asia Magazine

20 Apr 15
PTTEP achieves United Nations Global Compact Advanced Level

20 Mar 15
PTTEP receives Thailand Quality Class (TQC) Award for second consecutive year

16 Mar 15
PTTEP receives SPE Thailand E&P Awards 2014

03 Mar 15
PTTEP receives 3 Awards in the Resources Industry from IAA Awards for Listed Companies 2014

27 Feb 15
Prime minister grants plaque of honor to PTTEP for becoming a DJSI listed company

12 Feb 15
PTTEP receives 3 distinguish awards from the successfully launch of Hybrid Bonds from the Asset and FinanceAsia Magazines

05 Feb 15
Statement of Clarification: PTTEPI confirms fair and equal treatment for all employees

03 Feb 15
PTTEP receives Certificate of the first Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program (T-VER)

29 Jan 15
PTTEP reveals 2014 operating results. Formulates well-prepared management plan to tackle with current oil price situation

21 Jan 15
PTTEP S1 Project receive 2014 TQC award for the 2nd consecutive years.

21 Jan 15
PTTEP receives 2 proudly awards from IR Magazine, Singapore

16 Jan 15
PTTEP receives Charta Peduli 2014 for its free clinic in Indonesia

26 Dec 14
PTTEP’s donates 1.4 million baht to Thai Heart Foundation from Fit Firm Fun with EP SPIRIT activity

25 Dec 14
PTTEP reveals 5-year investment plan Adjusts strategy to cope with oil price fluctuation

22 Dec 14
PTTEP receives EIA Monitoring Awards 2014

17 Dec 14
PTTEP receives Special Recognition South East Asia Award from Aon Hewitt

12 Dec 14
PTTEP received 2 Best IR awards

03 Dec 14
PTTEP receives 2 awards from the 11th SET Awards 2014

21 Nov 14
PTTEP receives CSR Recognition Award 2014

18 Nov 14
PTTEP receives an Outstanding Sustainability Report Award 2014

06 Nov 14
PTTEP receives Green Meetings certificate as corporate that adopts green meeting practices to the organization

30 Oct 14
PTTEP records solid Q3 profit despite odds

24 Oct 14
PTTEP receives certificate as Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption Council

21 Oct 14
PTTEP contributes the athletic development of the Thailand National Sailing Team

14 Oct 14
PTTEP KM Week 2014 To share knowledge and experiences for Thailand’s oil & gas industry

10 Oct 14
PTTEP receives CSR Excellence Award from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security

03 Oct 14
PTTEP and CMU initiate Thailand and Asia’s first International Petroleum Geophysics, Master of Science Program

02 Oct 14
PTTEP and Chiang Mai University join hands in the initiation of Thailand’s first Master of Science Program in Petroleum Geophysics (International Program)

01 Oct 14
PTTEP Innovation Award Inspire staff to create technology and improve the work process

30 Sep 14
PTTEP celebrates the 25th anniversary of business in Myanmar Moves forward to develop energy industry for both countries

26 Sep 14
PTTEP welcomes students of the National Defence College of Thailand to visit the Greater Bongkot South field

25 Sep 14
PTTEP hosts Thailand’s First ISO/TC67 Plenary Meeting

23 Sep 14
PTTEP receives Thailand’s Top Corporate Brand Value 2014 in Industrial Resources sector for the third time

18 Sep 14
Announcement about the entitled shareholders for 2014 PTTEP site visits

16 Sep 14
PTTEP reaches a milestone in Myanmar presence with long-term sustainable commitments underscored

12 Sep 14
PTTEP becomes a DJSI listed company

11 Sep 14
PTTEP receives 2 awards from Alpha Southeast Asia Magazine

09 Sep 14
ปตท.สผ. เปิดรับเด็กมัธยมใจรักษ์ธรรมชาติ ร่วม PTTEP TEENERGY CAMP รู้รักษ์มรดกโลกเขาใหญ่

04 Sep 14
PTTEP support the 10th IADC/SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference

01 Sep 14
PTTEP shares energy knowledge with Deputy Director General of Myanmar’s Energy Planning Department during visit in Bangkok

19 Aug 14
Company Site Visit and the PTTEP Newsletter

19 Aug 14
PTTEP hosted CSR activity for Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD) at Bangkrachao

08 Aug 14
Q&A on incorporating entities in Cayman, Cyprus, Bermuda and Bahamas

08 Aug 14
PTTEP signs PSC for MOGE 3 onshore exploration block in Myanmar

07 Aug 14
PTTEP signs MOU on the cooperation for the Thai cultural heritage conservation with Fine Art Department

24 Jul 14
PTTEP announces the second quarter operating results

18 Jul 14
PTTEP unveils its new branch office in Maputo, Mozambique

15 Jul 14
PTTEP receives “Best Public Company 2014 Resources Industry Award” for 7 consecutively years from Money and Banking magazine

09 Jul 14
PTTEP and DD announce CSR projects establish a healthcare service center and support education in Indonesian community

16 Jun 14
PTTEP partner with four leading organizations in development of ROV for marine environmental study

30 May 14
PTTEP receives the Best CEO and the Best CFO Awards from IAA Awards for Listed Companies 2013

27 May 14
PTTEP in partnership with Chulalongkorn University on Educational Cooperation

26 May 14
Announcement about the entitled shareholders for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity

22 May 14
PTTEP in partner with Chulalongkorn on Educational Cooperation to produce knowledgeable experts for the E&P industry

30 Apr 14
PTTEP receives a Global CSR Award 2014

29 Apr 14
PTTEP donate to Police General Hospital for facility improvement of Chalerm Phrakiat building in honor of Her Majesty the Queen 60th Anniversary

28 Apr 14
2014 PTTEP First Quarter Operating Results

23 Apr 14
PTTEP acquires Hess Corporation in Thailand to strengthen its Thailand investment

11 Apr 14
PTTEP receives 4 awards from Hong Kong’s Corporate Governance Asia Magazine

04 Apr 14
PTTEP makes its first investment in Brazil, Enter into for 4 deep water exploration blocks

28 Mar 14
PTTEP receives 2013 Thailand Quality Class Award

28 Mar 14
PTTEP Support Youth to preserve Thai sea in under the project on Marine Heritage of Thailand

20 Mar 14
PTTEP volunteered to reduce 20% of gas emission by 2020 from its Reforestation as demonstration project of T-VER Program

06 Mar 14
PTTEP & TNS Bundled Project 10 Million Man-Hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI)

03 Mar 14
PTTEP and HITZ Joint Research and Development in CO2 Conversion to Methane – Renewable Energy Storage for Climate Change Mitigation

27 Feb 14
PTTEP celebrates its 25-year partnership with the Republic of Union of Myanmar

30 Jan 14
2013 PTTEP Financial and Operating Results

08 Jan 14
PTTEP celebrates the achievement of Thailand National Sailing Team

07 Jan 14
PTTEP reveals 2013 achievement and five-year plans

03 Dec 13
PTTEP Chevron and Chula University move forward together in producing E&P graduates

29 Nov 13
PTTEP Receives 4 Awards “Board of the Year 2012/2013”

27 Nov 13
PTTEP can continue its operation normally

25 Nov 13
PTTEP receives 2 SET Awards for 2013

20 Nov 13
PTTEP join with Kasetsart University on Research and Development of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

05 Nov 13
PTTEP Joins the 2013 Offering Robes to Buddhist Priests in Ranong

29 Oct 13
PTTEP 3rd Quarter Operating Results

10 Oct 13
PTTEP hosts Zawtika Processing and Living Quarters Platform (ZPQ) Sail Away Ceremony to secure energy demand for Myanmar and Thailand

07 Oct 13
PTTEP Launches Zawtika Processing and Living Quarters Platform Another achievement to secure energy demand for Myanmar and Thailand

02 Oct 13
PTTEP announces the successful appraisal results in Vietnam 16-1 Project

27 Sep 13
Announcement about the entitled shareholders for company site visits

02 Sep 13
PTTEP receive Most Organized Investor Relations and Best Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility awards from Hong Kong’s Alpha SEA Magazine

29 Aug 13
PTTEP receives Honoring Outstanding Achievement in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award

20 Aug 13
Company Site Visit and the PTTEP Newsletter

15 Aug 13
PTTEP Strategic Plan and 1st Half-Year Business Performance 2013

14 Aug 13
PTTEP receives NACC Integrity Awards 2012

13 Aug 13
PTTEP deny the intransparency and bribery of the MD-7 and MD-8 acquisition

08 Aug 13
Mozambique President with Thai Prime Minister visit PTTEP Exhibition booth at the Business Forum in Mozambique

01 Aug 13
PTTEP opens new Petroleum Development Support Base in Ranong Province

25 Jul 13
PTTEP 2nd Quarter Operating Results

14 Jun 13
PTTEP receives Best Public Company 2013 Resources Industry Award

09 May 13
ปตท.สผ. สวทน. และ สวทช. ลงนามความร่วมมือพัฒนาศักยภาพด้านการวิจัยและพัฒนา และกิจกรรมนวัตกรรมด้านการสำรวจและผลิตปิโตรเลียม

30 Apr 13
Announcement about the entitled shareholders for company site visits

29 Apr 13
PTTEP 1st Quarter Operating Results: Net profit increase 15%

26 Apr 13
PTTEP supported Mozambique Flood Relief

19 Apr 13
PTTEP and partners discovered new gas field in Mozambique

18 Apr 13
PTTEP is successful in the first exploration phase in Algeria.

03 Apr 13
PTTEP received Asia’s Best CEO (Investor Relations) Award, Asia’s Best CSR Award and Best Investor Relations Company Award

28 Mar 13
PTT Group Signs ILP Membership Agreement with CU

21 Mar 13
PTTEP's CFO received the Asset Triple A CFO of the Year from The Asset Magazine

21 Feb 13
PTTEP received Thailand Top Company Awards

21 Feb 13
2012 PTTEP Operating achievement and 2013 PTTEP Annual Work Plan

11 Feb 13
PTTEP received the Best CEO and the Best CFO Awards

01 Feb 13
2012 PTTEP Operating Result, profit reaches 26%

21 Jan 13
To Accelerate Development Plan and Increase Proved Reserves PTTEP Invests over USD 24 billions

16 Jan 13
PTTEP celebrated 30th anniversary of Sirikit oil field

09 Jan 13
PTTEP Received “Best Managed Company in Thailand of 2013” and “Best Managed Company in Asia for Oil&Gas of 2013” from Euromoney Magazine

21 Dec 12
Advancement of Mozambique LNG Project in Rovuma Offshore Area 1, Mozambique

18 Dec 12
PTTEP donated 1 million baht for Sawadee Pee Mai Roy Jai Thai Dae Pu Sae Sa La

05 Dec 12
The Celebration on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King’s 85th Birthday Anniversary, Royal Thai Embassy Yangon, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

04 Dec 12
PTTEP & partners discovered new oil filed with highest testing result from 6th exploration well in Hassi Bir Rekaiz Permits, Algeria

30 Nov 12
PTTEP sets final offering price at THB 142 per share

26 Nov 12
PTTEP Received Top Corporate Governance Report Award from SET Awards 2012

20 Nov 12

15 Nov 12
Mr.Pongsak Ruktapongpisal, Newly Appointed Minister of Energy visited PTTEP

29 Oct 12
PTTEP SHAREHOLDERS APPROVED CAPITALIZATION PLAN Shareholders agreed with preferential public offering to all eligible existing shareholders pro-rata to their shareholding

25 Oct 12
PTTEP 3rd Quarter Operating Results with a net profit of USD 558 million

24 Oct 12
PTTEP donates 5 Million Baht supporting Piyamaharajanusorn Event

02 Oct 12
Announcement about the entitled shareholders for company site visits

01 Oct 12
Mr. Tevin Vongvanich received 2012 Sasin Alumni Outstanding Award

27 Sep 12

24 Sep 12
Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Graciously Visits PTTEP’s Bongkot South Platform in the Gulf of Thailand

21 Sep 12
PTTEP & Partners discover 2 oil fields in Algeria

14 Sep 12
PTTEP received 2012 Thailand’s Top Corporate Values as the Top company value of 401,875 Million Baht in Thailand and Industrial Resources sector for 2 consecutive years.

12 Sep 12
PTTEP ready to add up production of Oman 44 Project

03 Sep 12
PTTEP entered into a partnership with TOTAL and JX NOEX for M 11 block in Myanmar

31 Aug 12
PTTEP AA accepts Montara Court Findings

28 Aug 12
PTTEP paid a courtesy visit on Thai Ambassador at Hanoi

23 Aug 12
PTTEP cancelled its extraordinary general shareholders meeting

17 Aug 12
PTTEP successfully acquired the entire shares capital of Cove Energy Plc.

01 Aug 12
PTTEP received over 90% of valid acceptances from Cove shareholders

20 Jul 12

13 Jul 12
Parliamentary Under Secretary of DECC & UK Ambassador paid a courtesy visit PTTEP

09 Jul 12
PTTEP announces the successful installation of the 2nd Wellhead Platform, which is expected to increase the capacity of production in Vietnam 16-1 Project

22 Jun 12
PTTEP successfully launched THB 5,000 million hybrid bonds in Thailand

19 Jun 12
The Greater Bongkot South has started production at 320 MMSCFD

06 Jun 12
PTTEP signed the PSC for 2 more exploration blocks in Myanmar

30 May 12
PTTEP receives consent from Mozambique’s government on a recommended cash offer to acquire the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Cove Energy plc.

24 May 12
PTTEP Launches Alternative Long-Term Savings
Hybrid Debt Capital Instrument
23 May 12
PTTEP announces the terms of a recommended cash offer to acquire the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Cove Energy plc.

02 May 12
Announcement about the entitled shareholders for company site visits

01 May 12
Tevin is appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer of PTTEP

25 Apr 12
PTTEP 1st Quarter Operating Results: Net profit increases 64%

23 Apr 12
PTTEP completed construction and started test run of Greater Bongkot South.

18 Apr 12
The Notification of Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) concerning the Rules and Procedures for Preparation and Disclosure of Revenue and Accounts of Projects

21 Mar 12
Guideline for the Debenture Redemption PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited

09 Mar 12
PTTEP encounters positive drilling results at Rhourde Terfaia-1 (RTF-1), exploration well in Algeria

24 Feb 12
PTTEP announced the terms of a possible cash offer to acquire all the issued and to be issued share capital of Cove Energy Plc.

15 Feb 12
PTTEP inks Cooperation Agreement “Joint R&D Activity in CO2 Conversion to Methane Technology”

07 Feb 12
Minister of Energy to open 2011 International Petroleum Technology Conference (2011 IPTC), with PTTEP as the official host organization and principal sponsor

31 Jan 12
PTTEP Operating Results of 2011

13 Jan 12
PTTEP Diluted its Shares in Offshore Assets in Indonesia

06 Jan 12
New itinerary for Shareholders’ visits

23 Nov 11
PTTEP Myanmar Asset signs 2 contracts for Zawtika Gas Field Development

09 Nov 11
PTTEP temporary office at Rayong and Change of business document submission address

07 Nov 11
PTTEP opens temporary office at Rayong

02 Nov 11
Postponement of Shareholders’ Visits

26 Oct 11
PTTEP 3rd Quarter Operating Results

10 Oct 11
Draw for the list of shareholders to visit PTTEP

21 Sep 11
PTTEP Found More Natural Gas in Australia

23 Aug 11
PTTEP starts first oil production from Vietnam 16-1

08 Jun 11
PTTEP received the 3rd Thailand’s Best Managed Company from FinanceAsia

19 May 11
PTTEP Discovered More Gas in Myanmar

29 Apr 11
Draw for the list of shareholders to visit PTTEP

25 Apr 11
PTTEP invents the new innovation to increase oil production

11 Apr 11
Announcement of Successful Candidates and Further Instruction-Offshore Petroleum Skill Training Batch 10

18 Mar 11
PTTEP Inks Cooperation Agreement with Statoil

22 Feb 11
PTTEP confident in its strong financial status

04 Feb 11
PTTEP continues to operate its assets in Australia

02 Feb 11
PTTEP’s Canada Oil Sands KKD Project Produces First Oil

24 Nov 10
PTTEP clarifies the Commission of Inquiry’s Final Report and Findings

23 Nov 10
PTTEP Invests in Oil Sands Project in Canada

27 Sep 10
Draw for the list of shareholders to visit PTTEP

02 Sep 10
PTTEP Not Accepted Montara Compensations Claims

27 Aug 10
PTTEP received Letter of Claims for Compensation from Indonesian Authorities But No Verifiable Evidence was Provided

18 Aug 10
Shareholder to visit

23 Jul 10
PTTEP to clarify the news on compensation claimed regarding Montara Incident in Timor Sea

19 May 10
PTTEP Wins 4 Exploration Blocks in Indonesia

23 Feb 10
ปตท.สผ.ค้นพบก๊าซธรรมชาติจากหลุมสำรวจโอลิเวอร์-2 ในทะลติมอร์

23 Feb 10
PTTEP Found Natural Gas at Oliver Field in the Timor Sea

22 Feb 10
MTJDA-B17 Project Has Started Producing Natural Gas

22 Dec 09
PTTEP Wins Exploration Rights in Algeria

15 Dec 09
PTTEP Office Relocation
PTTEP Office Relocation to Energy Complex Building A
30 Nov 09
PTTEP Received Best Performance Award and Corporate Governance Report Award from SET Awards 2009

03 Nov 09
PTTEP Managed to Put Out the Fire in Timor Sea
PTTEP Australasia (PTTEP AA), a subsidiary of PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) reported at 3 November 2009 (17.15 Darwin time) that the fire at the West Atlas rig at Montara wellhead platform has been put out after heavy mud had been successfully injected into the leaking well. The company is closely monitoring the situation and its experts are ready to assess the damages and to make plans for future work.
02 Nov 09
PTTEP Australasia is Working to Control the Fire at Timor Sea

28 Oct 09
PTTEP 3rd Quarter Operating Results

26 Oct 09
ปตท.สผ. ซื้อแปลงสำรวจปิโตรเลียมในออสเตรเลียเพิ่ม
ปตท.สผ. ซื้อแปลงสำรวจปิโตรเลียมในทะเลติมอร์ ประเทศออสเตรเลียเพิ่มอีก ขยายฐานการลงทุนในภูมิภาคนี้อย่างต่อเนื่อง
26 Oct 09
PTTEP Buys More Offshore Block in Australia

28 Sep 09
Draw for the list of shareholders to visit PTTEP

25 Sep 09
PTTEP Acquires more Oil Company in Australia

01 Sep 09
Shareholders to visit PTTEP

24 Aug 09
ปตท.สผ. เร่งขจัดคราบน้ำมันและควบคุมหลุมน้ำมันในทะเลติมอร์

24 Aug 09
PTTEP attempts to bring the Montara leak under control

21 Aug 09
PTTEP report on crude oil and gas leak incident in Australia

14 Aug 09
Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Graciously Visits PTTEP’s Arthit Platform in the Gulf of Thailand

09 Jul 09
PTTEP received Best Public Company of the Year 2009 Award

30 Apr 09
Draw for the list of shareholders to visit PTTEP

27 Apr 09
PTTEP Bond Road Show

06 Feb 09
PTTEP-Deutsche Bank signed an agreement to implement the Account Receivables Purchase Facility

27 Jan 09
PTTEP receive Corporate Governance Awards 2008 from The Asset Magazine

25 Dec 08
PTTEP’s subsidiary signs Share Sales Agreement to acquire Coogee Resources Limited
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (“PTTEP”), through its wholly owned Australian subsidiary, has today signed a conditional Share Sales Agreement to acquire a 100% equity interest in Coogee Resources Limited (“CRL”). CRL is a private company based in Western Australia and engages in investment in, and development of, oil and gas exploration and production assets in Australia.
21 Nov 08
PTTEP and Murphy Continues to Expand Investment after Winning Exploration Rights in to Additional Block in Australia

13 Nov 08
PTTEP Wins Gas Exploration Rights in Indonesia

11 Oct 08
Thai Sailors to Compete for Asian Championship in Bali, PTTEP Renders Full Support
PTTEP renders full support A team of 14 Thai sailors from the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King will participate in the 13th Asian Sailing Championship in Bali, Indonesia, from October 9 to 13, 2008.
06 Oct 08
Announcement of the list of successful applicants to visit Sirikit Oil Field
On 6 October 2008, Mr. Chalermkiat  Tongtaow, Vice President, Joint Venture and Thai Onshore Assets Division has conduct the draw for entitle participants to visit PTTEP operation site at Sirikit oil Field: Group 1, 6-7 November 2008 and Group 2, 20-21 November 2008. The list of successful applicants is shown in attachment.
01 Oct 08
FinanceAsia ranked PTTEP the 3rd Thailand’s Best Managed Company

14 Aug 08
ปตท.สผ. เสริมกลยุทธ์การลงทุนก้าวสำคัญ เล็งขยายธุรกิจ “โรงงานผลิตก๊าซธรรมชาติเหลวลอยน้ำ (FLNG)” เทคโนโลยีใหม่พัฒนาแหล่งก๊าซฯ

14 Aug 08
PTTEP Inked MOU on FLNG Alliance with Golar LNG

31 Jul 08
PTTEP Signs MOU with Three Thai Universities on Petroleum Geosciences Research and Development

28 Jul 08
PTTEP Started Production of Crude Oil from Vietnam 9-2 Project
PTTEP Started Production of Crude Oil from Vietnam 9-2 Project for the first time at the rate of 8,000 BPD
08 May 08
PTTEP reports on Q1 results and projects progress
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) made a profit of more than 8,900 million baht in the first quarter of this year. The company’s Arthit Project has reached its daily production target of natural gas while G4/43 project started production of crude oil in this quarter. M9 Project in the Gulf of Martaban is progressing well and the company expects to sign the Heads of Agreement (HOA) in the near future.
07 May 08
PTTEP Prepares to Send Relief Packages to Help Cyclone Victims in Myanmar

23 Apr 08
PTTEP Enters Short-Term Debt Market, Offering to Sell Commercial Papers Through “PF”

27 Mar 08
PTTEP's Arthit Project Has Started Producing Natural Gas

03 Mar 08
Loan for Energy Complex Company Limited

14 Feb 08
PTTEP Operation Results for 2007 and Operation Plan for 2008

07 Jan 08
PTTEP Signed Farm in Agreement for Blocks 17 and 18 in Bangladesh

30 Nov 07
PTTEP Launched Arthit Central Processing Platform and Ushered in a New Era of Gas Production in the Gulf of Thailand

27 Nov 07
PTTEP Acquires 20% Interest in Australian Petroleum Block from Finder

13 Nov 07
PTTEP revised Investment Plan and Cut Costs by 10%

22 Oct 07
Bongkot’s Production Period Extended for 10 Years

02 Oct 07
PTTEP Starts Petroleum Surveys in the Northeast, Aspiring to Add to the Kingdom’s Petroleum Reserves

26 Sep 07
PTTEP’s Natural Gas Projects in Myanmar continues Exploration and Production as Normal

26 Sep 07
PTTEP Signs Concession Agreements in Egypt and is Ready to Proceed with Exploration Plan

15 Sep 07
PTTEP to start ARTHIT production in 2008

10 Sep 07
PTTEP support the international conference on safety, security, health and environment in Thailand

03 Aug 07
PTTEP Projects Made Good Progress in Quarter 2

11 Jul 07
PTTEP Won 6 Exploration Blocks in New Zealand - Another Significant Achievement in Asia Pacific

04 May 07
PTTEP reports on Q1 results and projects progress

11 Apr 07
Minutes of the 2007 General Shareholders’ Meeting

03 Apr 07
PTTEP's Shareholders visit Sirikit Oil Field

03 Apr 07
PTTEP Succeeded in Drilling the 4th Well at M9 in Myanmar

20 Dec 06
PTTEP Earns “Very Good” Corporate Governance Rating from TRIS

06 Dec 06
PTTEP Won 2 Exploration Blocks in Egypt - Another Significant Achievement in North Africa

06 Dec 06
Phu Horm Gas Field comes on stream adding energy security to the northeastern part of Thailand

27 Nov 06
PTTEP expands investment in Indonesia signing Farm-in/Farm-out Agreement for Block Bengara I

06 Nov 06
PTTEP 3rd Quarter Operating Results and Future Plans

29 Sep 06
Proposal of the 2007 Annual General Shareholder's Meeting agenda and Names of Director Nominees in advance

04 Aug 06
PTTEP 2nd Quarter Operating Results and Future Plans

29 Jun 06
PTTEP advances another leap in Oman, signing Exploration & Production Sharing Agreement for Block 58

16 Jun 06
Revised Good Corporate Governance of PTTEP

07 Jun 06
PTTEP and Ministry of Defence sign agreement to study petroleum potential in northern Thailand

03 May 06
PTTEP reports on Q1 results and future plans

12 Apr 06
PTTEP expands investment, a successful bid venture, wins exploration and production rights to block number 58 in Oman

15 Mar 06
PTTEP makes new discovery in Vietnam

03 Mar 06
Invitation to 2006 General Shareholders’ Meeting

10 Feb 06
Proposal of AGM Agendas

30 Nov 05
The Marine Heritage of Thailand: A realm of life in the blue world

03 Nov 05
PTTEP announced net profits of 7,183 million Baht

25 Oct 05
PTTEP to Sell Shares in Thaioil Power

02 Aug 05
PTTEP Quarter 2 Operation Result and Future Plans

04 Jul 05
PTTEP, Responding to Domestic Energy Demand,

20 Jun 05
PTTEP Inks Stock Purchase Agreement to Acquire Pogo’s Assets in Thailand

27 May 05
PTTEP Signs Technical Evaluation Agreement with Bahrain

27 Apr 05
PTTEP’s Net Profit Records 4,254 Million Baht for the First Quarter

22 Apr 05
Petroleum Discoveries, Oman 44 Project

07 Apr 05
Resolutions of the 2005 General Shareholders’ Meeting

04 Apr 05
PTTEP Participation in Petroleum Block B, Cambodia

28 Feb 05
PTTEP Will Publish a New Book to Promote Conservation of Marine Life

28 Feb 05
PTTEP Inks Heads of Agreement

18 Feb 05
PTTEP Completed Sales of Shares in New Links to Encore, Following Change of Investment Strategy

01 Nov 04
PTTEP’s Net Profit Reaches 4,111 Million Baht in Third Quarter

30 Sep 04
PTTEP signed Production Sharing Contract for Block B-17-01 in the MTJDA

16 Aug 04
PTTEP Posted a 24% Total Revenues Increase in Quarter 2

03 Aug 04
PTTEP invests in Blocks M-3 and M-4 in Union of Myanmar to Secure Long-Term Petroleum Supply to Thailand

03 Aug 04
PTTEP invests in Blocks M-3 and M-4 in Union of Myanmar to Secure Long-Term Petroleum Supply to Thailand

13 May 04
PTTEP total revenues rises 28% in Q1 2004

01 Mar 04
PTTEP announcing 2003 Financial Result and 2004 Plan

29 Jan 04
Minister of Energy signs 2 Memorandum of Understandings

31 Dec 03
PTTEP Buys 100% Thai Shell Shares

24 Nov 03
PTTEP will ink Arthit’s Heads of Agreement. Ready to deliver gas in mid 2006.

12 Nov 03
PTTEP net profit rose 31% in Q3

06 Nov 03
PTTEP invests in Petroleum Exploration Blocks M-7 and M-9 in Union of Myanmar to Secure Long-Term Petroleum Supply to Thailand

06 Nov 03
PTTEP invests in Petroleum Exploration Blocks M-7 and M-9 in Union of Myanmar to Secure Long-Term Petroleum Supply to Thailand (November 6, 2003)

06 Nov 03
PTTEP and Petrovietnam Reached an Agreement for a Joint Venture in Block 433a & 416b in Algeria

03 Oct 03
PTTEP Elects New President

12 Sep 03
PTTEP invested more in Yetagun Project

14 Aug 03
PTTEP net profit rose in Q2 Due to increase in Sales of 1,200 million Baht

17 Jul 03
PTTEP awarded 3 new domestic concessions

19 Jun 03
PTTEP Strengthening Corporate Governance

14 May 03
PTTEP profited in Q1 Due to increase in Sales of 1,405 million Baht

09 Apr 03
PTTEP enters investment in Petroleum Exploration Project in Algeria to Secure Long-Term Oil Supply to Thailand

11 Mar 03

27 Feb 03
PTTEP announcing 2002 Financial Result and its 5-Year Plan

25 Nov 02
PTTEP officiated the Royal bestowed Named “PATHUMABAHA” of its New Condensate Vessel

15 Nov 02
PTTEP Q3 Results Sales revenues increased Baht 827 million

24 Sep 02
PTTEP announced Petroleum Discovery On the first Exploration Well of Block 9-2 in Vietnam

14 Aug 02
PTTEP Q2 Results Net income increased Baht 271 million

22 Jul 02
PTTEP Signs Exploration Block 44 in Oman: The First Step in its Middle East Long Term Strategy

01 Jun 02
ปตท.สผ. แถลงผลการดำเนินงานในบริษัท PT Medco Energi

15 May 02
PTTEP Q1 Results Net income increased 170 million Baht

01 Apr 02
PTTEP joined Medco MBO meeting in Jakarta

28 Feb 02
PTTEP announcing 2001 performance result and Five-Year Plan Strategy

14 Feb 02
PTTEP expands Offshore Exploration Investment in Vietnam

05 Feb 02
PTTEP Successful in Arthit Drilling Campaign Significant gas and condensate discoveries found in Exploration and Appraisal Wells

29 Jan 02
PTTEP hosts the “Navamindra, the Fortitude of the Land” Exhibition, in tribute to His Majesty the King

03 Dec 01
His Majesty the King has graciously bestowed the name “Navamindra Petroleum Area” To PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited For the Producing Area of Bongkot and Arthit Projects

14 Nov 01
PTTEP Q3 Total Net Income Baht 2,866 million

04 Oct 01
PTTEP discovered High Hydrocarbon Potential In the first half of 2nd Exploration Drilling Campaign

14 Aug 01
PTTEP Q2 Production Volume surged to 14,134 Barrels of Oil Equivalent

15 May 01
PTTEP Q1 Results Total Revenues increased by Baht 2,722 million

01 Mar 01
PTTEP 2000 Financial Results increased Baht 3,243 million

01 Feb 01
PTTEP announcing its year 2000 performance and Five-Year Plan

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