Stakeholder Management

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Stakeholder Management is an important part in reducing undesirable issues and creating a positive impact to society and PTTEP’s operations. To this regards, PTTEP has developed a Stakeholder Management Guideline for group-wide implementation, providing guidance to all Function Groups. 

Stakeholder identification and prioritization enables PTTEP to put in place a proper engagement plan to reach the ultimate goal which is to obtain stakeholders’ trust and support for PTTEP’s operations. The proper implementation of stakeholder engagement shall depend also on the situation and environment of each operation.

Stakeholder Management Process

For more information, please visit 2018 Sustainability Report.

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PTTEP’s stakeholder engagement activities include public consultation session to disseminate information and obtain feedback from key stakeholders for the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report, meetings with local authorities’ meetings on a regular basis and participation to religious or festive activities in the area which is PTTEP’s normal practice.

Samples include Myanmar asset who engages both central and local authorities such as Township Administrator, Regional Senator, Township Land Management and Myanmar Oil and Gas. Other religious activities with communities are to join Katina Ceremony (Fund Raising for Temple) or present big candles to temples for Buddhist Lent.

Moreover, other important activity to promote a better understanding of E&P Industry, is a study trip to Piyachart Nithat Exhibition Center at Sirikit Oil Field for stakeholders. PTTEP also welcomes various groups of visitors such as Media, students, government officers and etc. from all over Thailand at each operating assets. Other stakeholder activities are as featured.

In 2018 there is no disruption to PTTEP operations.

Support to “Traditional Run through the Sea to Pithak Island”

PTTEP provides support to the "Traditional Run through the Sea to Pithak Island, Langsuan Mini Marathon No.14" , presided over by Mr. Lertpornchai Chairit, Chumphon Vice Governor, Acting Chumphon Governor.

PTTEP Scholarships for Chumporn Students

PTTEP presents 105 scholarships to students in 14 schools in Sawi and Thung Tako Districts at Sawiwittaya School, Sawi District, Chumphon Province for 12th consecutive years.

PTTEP Petroleum Supply Base Scholarship

PTTEP by Songkhla Petroleum Supply Base (PSB) participates the 29th Annual PSB Scholarships Ceremony with Singhanakorn Sheriff, Provincial Energy Office of Songkhla, Deputy Director of Songkhla Primary Educational Service Area 1 (PESA 1) and honorable guests to provide 296 scholarships to students in 11 schools in Singhanakhon District totaling 559,000 Baht. On this occasion, Mr. Doldate Pattanrat, Songkhla Governor, kindly presided over the opening ceremony. 

Hand over of Write-off Materials and Petroleum Pipeline to Government Agencies and Communities in S1 Project Area

PTTEP S1 Project donates write-off materials and 31,154 petroleum pipelines to government agencies, schools, and community in S1 Project Area at total of 80 organizations for public utilization.

Mooring Buoys Maintenance at H.T.M.S. Prab

PTTEP and PTTEP Diving Club provide 11 mooring buoys to Chumphon Islands National Park and organize the mooring buoys maintenance around H.T.M.S. Prab and nearby dive sites to ensure there are enough buoys for mooring and to reduce the problem of boats anchoring on the reef.

Thai Desserts Workshop

PTTEP and Chumphon Office for Skill Development organized the 14th skill development workshop on making Thai desserts for Tongtomyai Community at Sawi District, Chumphon Province. This kind of skill development workshop will enable the community to earn extra income as a part-time job.

PTTEP S1 Fun Run 2018

PTTEP S1 Asset organizes the "PTTEP S1 Fun Run 2018, a Charity Run in Lan Krabue District, Kamphaeng Phet Province. A total of 1,500 participants from contractor companies, the local community and government sector joined the "PTTEP S1 Fun Run 2018" and raised 154,260 Baht (approximately 4,540 USD) for the Lan Krabue Ruam Jai Fund.

Love Your Neighbor Project by PTTEP S1 Project

Executive and staff from PTTEP S1 Project together with contractors and Wat Kok Rat School as well as Kok Rat local authority participate in Love Your Neighbor Project to build up the Recycle Bank,  renovate the playground and repaint school fence. This is a volunteering activity involving PTTEP and the local community to improve the quality of life of the people in the community.

PTTEP Marine Conservation Youth Camp No. 4

PTTEP organizes the 4th PTTEP Marine Conservation Youth Camp in cooperation with the Andaman Coastal Research Station for Development, Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University and the Mangrove and Coastal Forest Research and Development Center (Ranong), Department of Marine and Coastal Resources for 73 secondary and high school students from 10 schools in Ranong Province. Youth will learn and recognize the importance of natural resources in their home areas, leading to the natural resources and environment conservation. The learning activities outside the classroom include the study of nature trail in mangrove forest and the marine ecosystem at the Andaman Coastal Research Station for Development.

Emergency Exercise with Lan Krabue Authorities and Communities

PTTEP S1 Project organize a fire drill with local authorities such as Lan Krabue District, Lan Krabue Municipality, Lan Krabue Police Station, Lan Krabue Hospital and communities to test the communication and cooperation during crisis with relevant authorities and communities.

CSR and Stakeholder Management Knowledge Sharing Session

PTTEP by Songkhla Petroleum Supply Base (PSB) organize a knowledge sharing session to provide information about CSR activities and Communication with PTTEP’s Stakeholders for its employees and contractors on 2018 SSHE Day.