Social Impact

PTTEP's Social Impact Management Concept

Today, the term "Stakeholder Engagement" is emerging as a means of describing a broader and continuous process between a company and those potentially impacted that encompasses a range of activities and approaches, and spans the entire life of business.

One of PTTEP principles is to first avoid negative impact to communities during our operation plan. When impact is unavoidable, PTTEP considers every opportunity to minimize and manage the residual impacts. Through Issue and Stakeholder Management System, we regularly assess if the exploration and production may involve relocating community or abusing human rights. Moreover, as required by law and by our Environmental Impact Assessment Guideline, public consultation shall be conducted before the E&P operation to notify and involve concerned parties including vulnerable groups to ensure a better understanding on the impact, the support as well as effective compensation caused by displacement provided by the company. The law tends to require a one-time set of public meetings while PTTEP encourages and practices regular stakeholder engagement.

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