Dispute Management

To effectively manage any issues caused by operations which might impact the community in the operations or adjacent area, PTTEP has developed 2 guidelines i.e. Grievance Handling Guideline and PTTEP Involuntary Resettlement Guideline as a group-wide practice to ensure aligned implementation in both domestic and international assets in addition to the existing mechanisms.

Grievance Mechanismclose | open

In verification and validation of our effectiveness, grievance mechanisms are provided for stakeholders to choose at their convenience. At operation sites, stakeholders can send complaints directly to the on-site External Relations staffs, Operation staffs or even to PTTEP staff at corporate offices. Currently there are 2 mechanisms for reporting complaint:

1. SSHE Incident Management System (IMS); a web-based system
Trained on-site staff will collect and log the complaint from the community in the system at the same time this information is also accessible to staff from corporate offices as well.

2. PTTEP website
PTTEP website provides direct and discrete channels for grievance reports under "Contact Us" web page and Hotline number 66 (0) 25374000. This is a centralized management tool to track and follow up with relevant functions to address the issue. Please visit PTTEP Whistleblowing System.

In addition, PTTEP has developed Grievance Handing Guideline to establish a formal process allowing stakeholders to raise complaints regarding impacts from PTTEP activity and ensures that such complaint is addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

Grievance Record Form is used to track the grievance throughout the process whilst Incident Management System or IMS, a Web-based System operated by PTTEP, is used to track the management of grievance handling.

Grievance Handling process

For more information, please visit Grievance Handling Guideline.

Relocation Programclose | open

PTTEP operations and activities on occasion need to acquire or gain access to public or private land. Often, this land will be occupied or utilized in some manner. As a result, acquiring land or land use rights for a given project may cause physical and/or economic displacement e.g. loss of assets or housing and loss of an income source.

The Company’s prime objective is to acquire land or access to land through voluntary agreement with land owners or users rather than through law enforcement. PTTEP Involuntary Resettlement Guideline has been developed in accordance with IFC Performance Standards as a guideline for the company to implement key activities to minimize impact and maintain relationship with stakeholders. The overview of PTTEP Involuntary Resettlement Process is as shown in table below.

So far, PTTEP does not have any involuntary resettlement for its operations. However a system has been set in place to manage and assess effectiveness of the program.

For more information, please visit Involuntary Resettlement Guide and 2018 Sustainability Report