Stakeholder Value Creation

PTTEP conducts its business as a responsible corporate member of society to observe the laws of Thailand and the countries where we operate. We strongly support the fundamental human rights in line with the legitimate role of business and give proper regard to health, safety, security and environment consistent with commitment to contribute to sustainable development. Our sustainable social development strategy focuses on engaging with and creating value for stakeholders. In 2017, PTTEP commences to strategically implement the social development project into 3 categories as follows:

> Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Creating Shared Value (CSV)

Social Enterprise (SE)

Our social development projects and philanthropic activities are managed under the existing group-wide Policies, Guideline and Standards. PTTEP strategy is to focus on community investment rather than charitable donation and commercial initiative.  In 2018 more than 81% of total cash contribution at USD 12.62 Million is spent in community investment whereas the cost of In-kind giving is at USD 1.03 Million.  PTTEP management and staff spent 9,280 volunteering hours on community programs during working hours which is equivalent to USD 0.15 Million.  The management overhead is at USD 3.35 Million.

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Philanthropy and Contributions Overview
PTTEP has a commitment to act in a social responsible manner. A core component of this is to support community development through social investment. Through our social investment strategy, PTTEP contributes to a range of initiatives from philanthropic donations to investments.
Philanthropy & Contributions Projects and Activities
In 2018, PTTEP’s philanthropic activity includes disaster relief for Earthquake and Tsunami victims in Indonesia, X-Pian Dam Collapse victims in Republic of Laos and affected people of tropical storm “PABUK” in Thailand and support to Basic Needs requirement such as monetary donation to public hospitals i.e. Rajavithi Hospital, Ramathibodi Foundation for Chakri Naruedindra Medical Institute and Songkhla Hospital to provide medical services to public.  In the area of quality of life enhancement, contributions have been made to Phrabatnampu Temple for charity concert to raise funds for Aids patients, the Army for the disabled Army personnel and family and to various charity organizations to improve Elderly’s quality of life. Other than this, scholarships are provided to students in all operating areas and PTTEP Save Life Campaign is held annually staffs and contractors to donate blood at Headquarter and operating sites.

For more informations, please visit Wider Society: Overview and Expectations.


Disaster Relief for Earthquake and Tsunami Victims in Indonesia

PTTEP Indonesia Asset presents a donation of Indonesian Rupiah 1,000 Billion (approximately 70,000 USD) to SKK Migas, the Special Taskforce for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities under the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, to aid the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi. Prior to this PTTEP together with PTT Group make a donation of IDR 500 Million in total (approximately 35,000 USD) to Indonesia’s National Alms Agency (Baznas) to assist in the relief of the victims.

Support to Elderly’s Quality of Life Improvement

PTTEP donates 1 Million Baht to four charitable organizations, namely the Center for Development of Social Welfare for the Elderly in Songkhla Province, the Watsanawet Center for Development of Social Welfare for the Elderly in Ayutthaya Province, St. Joseph Elder Home, Khon Kaen Province and the Center for Promoting the Quality of Life for the Elderly, Suphanburi Province to support the improvement of Elderly’s quality of life.

Hand over of Sangha Vihara Sasana Bimarn Building

PTTEP Myanmar Asset together with Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) hand over the ground floor of Sangha Vihara Sasana Bimarn Building at Kalein Aung San Daw Shin Pagoda, Yaephyu Township, Tanintharyi Region to community for public use. PTTEP Myanmar Asset contributes 27,060,000 Kyats for construction.

Support to Rajavithi Hospital for Medical Center

PTTEP donates 1 Million Baht (approximately 29,400 USD) to the Rajavithi Hospital to support the Rajvithi Medical Center Project which will accommodate over 1 million patients annually from all over the country and providing them with access to advanced technology medical services.

Donation of Survival Bags and Support to Chicken Farming Project and Bengal Goat Project

PTTEP donates 3,200 sets of survival bags and drinking water to the 3rd Army to help flood victims in 17 provinces in the northern part of Thailand. Together with this donation, PTTEP hands over the budget support to the 3rd Army’s project to improve quality of life i.e. Chicken Farm Project and Black Bengal Goat. Such contribution is in line with PTTEP’s practice to support the local authority to improve the quality of life in communities around operating area.

Support to Ramathibodi Foundation for Chakri Naruebodindra Medical Institute

PTTEP hands over 3 Million Baht (approximately 88,200 USD) to Ramathibodi Foundation to support the Chakri Naruebodindra Medical Institute.

Support to Disabled Army Personnel and Family

PTTEP and PTTEP Services Limited make a donation at the amount of 2,299,500 Baht (approximately 67,632 USD) and 1,861,500 Baht (approximately 54,750 USD) respectively to support the disabled army personnel and their disabled family members at the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarter.


Disaster Relief for Xe-Pian Dam Collapse Victims in Republic of Laos

PTTEP together with PTT Group presents a donation at the amount of 5 Million Baht (approximately 147,000 USD) in total to the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister's Office to provide relief to the victims of the Xe-Pian Dam Collapse in the Republic of Laos.

Support to Phrabatnampu Temple Charity Concert to Raise Funds to Assist AIDS Patients

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Phrabatnampu Temple, Saraburi province, a series of charity concert are held to raise funds for the treatment and care of HIV Infected patients, PTTEP hosts for a one night concert at Thailand Cultural Center. The concertgoers also make additional donations to the temple at the event.

Support to “King Prajadhipok’s Institute 20th Anniversary – KPI Charity Mini Marathon” Activity

PTTEP donates of 1 Million Baht (approximately 29,400 USD) to "King Prajadhipok's Institute to support the KPI Charity Mini Marathon for the provision of medical equipment for Songkhla Hospital.

Support to Ramathibodi Foundation and Home for the Destitute

PTTEP Golf Club hand overs funds raised from the 2018 PTTEP Charity Golf Tournament to the Ramathibodi Foundation for Chakri Naruebodindra Medical Institute at the amount of 1 Million Baht (approximately 29,400 USD), to the Rangsit Baby Home at the amount of 100,000 Baht (approximately 2,950 USD), to Fueng-Fah Home for Persons with Disabilities Protection and Development, Nonthaburi at the amount of 100,000 Baht (approximately 2,950 USD) and to Ratchaburi Home at the amount of 100,000 Baht (approximately 2,950 USD). Total donation is at 1.3 Million Baht (approximately 38,250 USD).

PTTEP Relieves Affected People of Tropical Storm ‘PABUK’

PTTEP by Petroleum Development Support Base in Songkhla, together with suppliers, provide 1,500 survival bags for distribution to the affected communities in the southern provinces. In addition, 1,800 bottles of drinking water are provided to the Sheriff of Singhanakorn District, Songkhla Province for those victims in temporary shelters at more than 11 centers.

Moreover, PTTEP together with PTT Group prepare 1,500 survival bags and donate 20 Million Baht (approximately 588,250 USD) to the Government to aid the victims of the tropical storm “PABUK”.


PTTEP organizes blood donation activity under “PTTEP Save Life Campaign” for PTT Group and other companies at Energy Complex. A total blood of 85,050 cc. has been collected and donated to the Vajira Hospital. In addition, a special activity for volunteer staffs to assemble the exercise equipment for patients and the elderly is organized. The finished products are donated to the Phra Pradaeng Disability Protection and Development Center.

2019 Petroleum Engineering and Geoscience Scholarships

PTTEP grants 3 Petroleum Engineering scholarships to students from Chulalongkorn University and 9 Petroleum Geoscience scholarships to students from Chulalongkorn University, Chiang Mai University, Khon Kaen University, and Mahidol University.