SD Governance Structure

Sustainability Governance and Structure

Strong governance structures and clear accountability enable PTTEP to deliver our commitments towards sustainable goals. While PTTEP Board of Directors is the highest governance body who provides advisory and approves PTTEP’s Sustainable Development Strategy, in terms of sustainable operation management, the Management Committee, with CEO as the Chairman, is responsible for overseeing and endorsement of PTTEP’s sustainability related policies and directing PTTEP's sustainability approach. The Management Committee consists of Top Executives from all functional groups whose diverse backgrounds and expertise provide a balanced view on SD approach. The Management Committee is responsible for determining, reviewing and approving Company SD goals, initiatives, and guidelines in relation to responsible business conduct and sustainable development agenda. The Management Committee convenes on SD agenda at least twice a year to provide strategic direction and review on progress to ensure goals are met.

To ensure PTTEP accomplishes the company SD goals, the Sustainable Development Working Team (SD Working Team) is formed to play a supportive role to the Management Committee. The SD Working Team is made up of leadership and representatives from function groups and departments working together to define clear SD execution strategy, roadmap, key performance indicators, action plan, guidelines & tools; drive implementation; monitor performance ; oversee on compliance; and report on performance. To ensure the integration of sustainability into PTTEP business, continual improvement as well as transparent communications, the Sustainability Strategy section, reporting to head of Corporate Strategy, is accountable for working with the SD working team, functions, divisions, country teams to regularly monitor result and effectiveness of the SD roadmap execution, internally and externally benchmark, and coordinate with functions/ operations to develop improvement actions as well as report the result to Management Committee on a regular basis.

With this governance framework, PTTEP's contribution to sustainable development is founded upon securing energy reserves to source and consumption for future generations. The sustainability challenge is to achieve this corporate objective in a manner that demonstrates a wider benefit to society along the way, in which PTTEP respects, manages and interacts with the wider economy, wider society and the environment.