SD Governance Structure

Sustainability Governance and Structure

SD Council is responsible for directing PTTEP's sustainability approach, with CEO as the Chairman. The Council is responsible for determining, reviewing and approving guidelines, operations, and projects in relation to sustainable development, and it has an SD Working Team playing a supportive role to the Council's operation. The SD Working Team is made up of representatives from different functional groups and departments working together to determine strategy, directions, and initiatives on SD, key performance indicators, action plans, monitoring programs. The SD Working Team communicates to the SD Council on a regular basis.

Therefore, PTTEP's contribution to sustainable development is founded upon securing energy reserves to source and consumption for future generations. The sustainability challenge is to achieve this corporate objective in a manner that demonstrates a wider benefit to society along the way, in which PTTEP respects, manages and interacts with the wider economy, wider society and the environment.

The SD Council consists of Executives from diverse backgrounds and functional groups and divisions to provide a balanced view on SD approach. To help the Council with the execution of SD initiatives, the Sustainable Development Working Team is formed consisting of representatives from multiple functions. The Working Team is responsible for defining strategy, roadmap, key performance indicators, action plan, guidelines & tools; performance monitoring; supervising compliance; and reporting to the SD Council.

The SD council convenes at least on a quarterly basis.