SSHE Management System

Safety, Security, Health and Environment Management System (SSHE MS)

The PTTEP SSHE Management System (SSHE MS) is an integrated management tool that defines our corporate SSHE vision and missions which are essential parts of the way PTTEP conducts its business. The SSHE MS provides the principles for conducting any PTTEP operations with regards to safety, security, health and environment.

Effective implementation of the PTTEP SSHE MS will build a solid foundation for the "Step Change in SSHE" in underpinning our License to Operate.

7 elements of PTTEP SSHE MS

SSHE MS ElementAddressing
1 . Leadership and Commitment Top-down commitment and SSHE culture, essential to the success of the SSHE MS
2 . Policy and Strategic Objectives Corporate intentions, principles of action and aspirations with respect to SSHE
3 . Organization Resource & Documentation Organization of people, resources and documentation for sound SSHE performance
4 . Evaluationand Risk Management Identification and evaluation of SSHE risks, for activities, products and services, and development of risk reduction measures
5 . Planning and Operational Control Planning the conduct of work activities, including planning for changes and emergency response
6 . Implementation and Monitoring Performance and monitoring of activities, and how corrective action is to be taken when necessary
7 . Audit and Review Periodic assessments of SSHE MS performance, effectiveness and fundamental suitability

Seven key elements for PTTEP SSHE MS