Releases to the Environment


PTTEP commits to explore and develop petroleum under sustainable approach. Emergency & Crisis Management Standards, Corporate Spill Contingency Plan, National and International Spill Response Cooperation are established to ensure that any spill incident will be appropriately responded, and achieved "Target Zero" for spill to environment.

Spill Contingency Plan

Summary of PTTEP spill contingency plan can be broken down to 3 tiers:

  • Tier 1: The operational spill can be adequately handled by on-site equipment and personnel
  • Tier 2: For a spill beyond the capability of on-site equipment and personnel, PTTEP, with cooperation among Marine Department and Royal Thai Navy for example, will respond and manage the incident
  • Tier 3: For a major spill, PTTEP, with cooperation among Thai government organizations as well as international organizations, will respond and manage the incident

Spill Performance and Target

PTTEP benchmarks its spill performance with the Association of International Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) data.  Our spill performance is in the first quartile of IOGP since 2010.  As part of our Target Zero campaign, our ultimate goal is to reach zero spill. PTTEP is committed to maintaining and improving our low spill rate.