PTTEP conducts its business as a responsible corporate member of the society to observe the laws of Thailand and the countries where we operate. We strongly support the fundamental human rights in line with the legitimate role of business and give proper regard to health, safety, security and environment consistent with commitment to contribute to sustainable development. Our sustainable social development strategy focuses on engaging with and creating value for stakeholders. In 2017, PTTEP commences to strategically implement the social development project into 3 categories as follows:

1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

2. Creating Shared Value (CSV)

3. Social Enterprise (SE)

Our social development projects and philanthropic activities are managed under the existing group-wide Policies, Guideline and Standards. PTTEP strategy is to focus on community investment rather than charitable donation and commercial initiative.  In 2018 more than 81% of total cash contribution at USD 12.62 Million is spent in community investment whereas the cost of In-kind giving is at USD 1.03 Million.  PTTEP management and staffs spent 9,280 volunteering hours on community program during working hours which is equivalent to USD 0.15 Million.  The management overhead is at USD 3.35 Million.


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