PTTEP conducts its business as a responsible corporate member of the society to observe the laws of Thailand and the countries where we operate. We strongly support the fundamental human rights in line with the legitimate role of business and give proper regard to health, safety, security and environment consistent with commitment to contribute to sustainable development. Our sustainable social development strategy focuses on engaging with and creating value for stakeholders. In 2017, PTTEP commences to strategically implement the social development project into 3 categories as follows:

1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

2. Creating Shared Value (CSV)

3. Social Enterprise (SE)

Our social development projects and philanthropic activities are managed under the existing group-wide Policies, Guideline and Standards. PTTEP strategy is to focus on community investment rather than charitable donation and commercial initiative. In 2017 more than 80% of total cash contribution at USD 11.59 Million is spent in community investment whereas the cost of In-kind giving is at USD 0.99 Million. Our management and staffs spent 18,807 volunteering hours on community program during working hours which is equivalent to USD 0.32 Million. The associated cost of our external relations function is at USD 3.40 Million.


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Free Clinic for the Underprivileged in Indonesiaclose | open

Improving the quality of life of people is another mission that PTTEP has undertaken to deliver long term sustainable growth and benefits for the communities and the host countries where we operate.

Indonesia is one of the countries in which PTTEP has petroleum exploration and production activities. Around half of the population in Indonesia has an average monthly income of 28 US dollars or 900 Thai baht, which can lead to various health problems and illnesses due to poor diets.

In 2014 we started a Free Health Care Service project. A “Free Clinic” for underprivileged local residents to help those without access to public healthcare. The project is run in cooperation with Dompet Dhuafa (DD), a non-profit foundation working on basic public healthcare. The Free Clinic has been set up in Rorotan Village in the North of the city, a slum area. It is a densely populated area, but has the fewest healthcare facilities when compared to other districts in the city.

PTTEP set a five-year target between 2014-2018 to treat a total of 100,000 patients per year. The mission of the Free Clinic is to offer basic examinations and to promote knowledge of healthy living and illness prevention. With its aim to encourage people to take care of their own health, the project trains volunteers to share healthcare knowledge among locals. Moreover, PTTEP staff also serve as healthcare volunteers who go out and visit remote communities. Even though the clinic has a permanent building, the team still dispatches mobile clinics to serve people in other remote areas.

About PTTEP Free Clinic


PTTEP continues the 4th PTTEP Teenergy project with the theme “Step up for Conservation” which aims to expand the young conservationists’ network for sustainable natural conservation.close | open

The PTTEP Teenergy project, was initiated in 2014, as a nature conservation camp which is focused on instilling confidence in teenagers, to dare to think, to act and to shape their worlds and their future through engaging in projects for the conservation of natural resources and the environment and become young conservationists. The project is implemented under the 3C strategy (Cultivate – Create – Change) which is aimed to cultivate awareness of natural resources and the environment among the young by providing the opportunity for out-of-classroom learning. It will give them first-hand experience to create informed and conservation-minded youth and encourage them to find their own youth networks to contribute to society. Also, it will be a starting point for young people to help change the community and society for the better.

“Step up for Conservation” is the theme for the 4th PTTEP Teenergy project which this year is expanded to four camps in four different regions: North, Northeast, Central and South to create a nationwide network of young conservationists. The camps are focused on creating an understanding and appreciation of the natural resources and the need for environmental conservation. The teenagers will gain knowledge from a team of conservationists working in ​​each region through activities such as making artificial salt licks as a wildlife food source, learning about mangrove ecosystems, crab re-population, agricultural and cultivation innovation inspired through the use of the recycled materials, and learning how to make a biogas pond. Moreover, the program will bring the philosophy of sufficiency economy to integrate with the youth learning process. The teenagers will be participating in activities with communities in PTTEP's CSR projects and workshops to utilize their knowledge to create social contribution projects. PTTEP Teenergy provides the students with the opportunities to win conservation scholarships to support and fund social projects in their own communities. In this way these new teenage conservationists are not only equipped with the knowledge but are empowered to improve their immediate surroundings in taking the first step of a lifelong journey to a more sustainable future.

About PTTEP Teenergy Project