Corporate Social Responsibility

For a clear direction, PTTEP has defined a framework to implement corporate social responsibility projects in 4 themes as follow: 

  • Basic Needs: To implement projects which serve the basic needs of stakeholders in the area of 4 factors such as PTTEP Free Clinic Project in Indonesia, Crab Hatchery Learning Center in Thailand and Parasite Free School Project in Myanmar.
  • Education: To implement projects which provide support to underprivileged students to pursue their study or to develop skill of workforce to serve business and industry such as Petch S1 Scholarship Project, PTTEP Scholarship for Recruitment in Thailand and Technical Capability and Development Project in Myanmar.
  • Environment: To implement projects which conserve and protect natural resources for future generation such as PTTEP Teenergy Project and Natural Classroom at Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park (Bang Kachao) Project.
  • Culture: To implement projects which conserve cultural heritage, maintain pride of the country such as Thai Heritage World Heritage Culture Project.