Innovation and Knowledge Management

PTTEP Technology Development

With our commitment to develop and apply technology to increase capability and efficiency, PTTEP vision is to become a Technology Driven Organization with Focus on Green Practices and Knowledge Management for Sustainable Growth.

PTTEP develops technology through partnerships with both domestic and international parties and institutions such as PTT group, government agencies, academic institutions, etc. to drive research and development to meet 3 main objectives:

  1. Increase Exploration Success
  2. Enhance Production
  3. Develop Green Practices

Key achievements in PTTEP Technology Development include:

1. Seismic Imaging Technology

2. Robotic Technology

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management (KM) plays an important role in PTTEP success and sustainable growth. For years, PTTEP has put a tremendous effort in embedding KM practice as working culture by encouraging all staff to openly and habitually exchange and reuse knowledge and experiences from their everyday work with aim to build a knowledge base in oil and gas business. Development of knowledge management to the level of international standard together with the implementation of knowledge capturing techniques to learn from mistakes and successes becomes our key strategy in enhancing PTTEP capabilities to achieve innovation.