About SSHE

PTTEP and other business enterprises worldwide focus more and more attention on Corporate Social Responsibility in the way we conduct business. At PTTEP, an integral component of this improved business process is in the area of Safety, Security, Health and Environment (SSHE).

PTTEP's ultimate SSHE goal is to conduct its activities without undue impact on the personnel and properties of the company and its contractors, the general public and the environment. At PTTEP our personnel merit our highest priority and we encourage our people to take collective responsibility for delivering improvements to SSHE practices in their respective workplaces.

To minimize the number of accidents and losses, PTTEP has established improvement schemes to continually enhance the efficiency of its SSHE management. We believe that the achievement of an effective safety culture is a vital element of achieving and maintaining satisfactory standards of SSHE performance.

Emergency and Crisis Management

With full awareness that E&P is a high-risk business, together with requirements of the SSHE Management System, PTTEP has developed the Emergency and Crisis Management plan that outlines a systematic structure to ensure its readiness for emergency situations at all operating sites. The Corporate Emergency & Crisis Management Standard and Plan set a key structure which links the Emergency and Crisis Management plans of all (existing and new) operating assets (domestic and international) to the key support center at the corporate head office. Emergency and crisis management is classified into 3 tiers depending on the severity level and the response capability of each asset and it covers all scenarios, i.e., Safety (fire, explosion, well pressure controls, etc.), Security (bomb & terrorist threats, thief, etc.), Health, Illness, injury, MEDEVAC and Environment (spills, complaints, etc.) The Emergency & Crisis Plans at all assets and corporate are tested and exercised on a regular basis. Results and feedback from all exercises are systematically provided to both the asset and corporate sides for continuous improvement of the plans and competency of the resources.

2016 SSHE Contractor Forum 


On March 11, 2016, PTTEP's SSHE 2016 Contractor Forum under the theme “Strong and Sustained SSHE Culture for Target Zero” was held at the Le Concorde Ballroom, Swissotel Le Concorde Bangkok

The objective of the forum is to demonstrate our commitment to continuously improve Safety, Security, Health, and Environment in our operations The forum brought together PTTEP and our contractors to identify initiatives and way forward for SSHE improvement and strong SSHE culture albeit the low oil price which was driven by a strong and clear message from our CEO, Mr.Somporn Vongvuthipornchai, that PTTEP shall not compromise safe operations and still aim to achieve Target Zero where everybody returns home safely and nobody gets hurt in our operations. There was also a recognition award ceremony for contractors who demonstrated continuous excellence in SSHE performance during the past years.

In the forum, we received an honor from Mr.Suriyan Aphiraksattyakul; Deputy Director of the Department of Mineral Fuel to present a topic on Thailand E&P SSHE Direction to make the audiences aware of SSHE enforcement to E&P business from the government. We were further honored by Mr.Piti Tantakasem; Independent Director, Member of the Corporate Governance Committee and Member of the Risk Management Committee, to present a topic on Corporate Governance in PTTEP which is one of our core value that we want all contractors and stakeholders to comply with our practices.

In the afternoon session, PTTEP and contractors joined a workshop together on “No Compromising on SSHE Culture” in order to discuss and identify initiatives and safe & sound SSHE performance improvement plan as well as any cooperation and supports which ones could provide to the others. It was not only to drive for SSHE Excellence but also bring PTTEP and all contractors to work as a team to jointly survive in the difficult situation from the low oil price. We believe that with strong commitment and collaboration, we could achieve our SSHE aspiration of "Target Zero", where everybody returns home safely and nobody gets hurt in our operations.