Overview of Environmental Management at PTTEP

At PTTEP, we are determined to pursue all three aspects of sustainability: business prosperity, impact to society and environmental stewardship. Our Environmental Management System, under the Safety, Security, Health and Environment (SSHE) Management System, Green Practices Roadmap, complies with the international standard ISO 14001, set short and long term environmental targets, and ensures that we maintain the highest standards of operation. This includes ensuring that our operations are free from chemicals from the Banned Hazardous Substance List. We also have a “Target Zero” policy that includes our aspiration for zero spills to the environment. To ensure proper management of our environmental impact, the ISO 14001 has been implemented at our domestic operating assets, and PTTEP Australasia achieving the ISO 14001 certification for the Montara Project in the Darwin Base as well as the Perth office in 2014.  We also strive to extend this certification to our domestic and international assets in the future.

Before we start every oil and gas exploration or production projects, we conduct a thorough environmental impact assessment (EIA) process, which is based on the World Bank and International Finance Corporation Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines. The goal of our EIAs is to understand the potential and actual adverse impacts by implementing effective community engagement programs to share knowledge, explain out activities and to understand their concerns and expectations.

As stated in our vision, green practice is at the heart of our sustainability strategy. Green Practice for PTTEP is aimed at mitigating environmental impacts from our operations, lowering our carbon and ecological footprints, as well as creating value added processes to our business.  Our Green Practice Roadmap includes, for example, our commitment to achieving 20% GHG emissions reduction by 2020 based on business as usual, energy conservation program, and green procurement. In addition, bearing in mind both the risks and opportunities that climate change may present to us, PTTEP is also conducting a rigorous climate change adaptation assessment to maintain our long-term sustainability.