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Algeria 433a and 416b Project

The project production volume averaged 17,172 BPD.
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PTTEP Australasia Project

The Montara Field Sales Volume for the second quarter of 2017 averaged 9,911 BPD which was slightly lower than the production plans due to the cyclone season in April and May 2017 The Cash Maple Field is carrying out the Pre-FEED study for further preparation of the development plans, and completion is expected by the end of 2017
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Mariana Oil Sands Project

The project completed Pre-FEED study and is in the process of reviewing the development plan with focus on cost reduction and risk mitigation.
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Sarawak SK410B Project

The project is carrying out 3D seismic activities.
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Mozambique Rovuma Offshore Area 1 Project

The project made progress in the receiving official approval on marine concessions from the government of Mozambique, and the resettlement plan is in the preparation phase. The project is currently in the process of finalizing the LNG off-take agreements, and negotiating for project finance with financial institutions to support the Final Investment Decision (FID) of the project.
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Zawtika Project

The project has maintained its production as planned, and continued drilling the additional development wells in Phase 1B and constructing 4 wellhead platforms in Phase 1C to maintain the production plateau. The current gas sales volume was 327 MMSCFD (approximately 52,058 BOED).
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Myanmar M3 Project

The feasibility study and the commercial evaluation of resource potential are ongoing.
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Myanmar MOGE-3 Project

The project completed 2D and 3D seismic campaign and is being assessed for the project’s resources potential and prospects.
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Vietnam 16-1 Project

The crude oil sales volume averaged 22,247 BPD. The project has begun production of crude oil from 1 additional development well as planned, and is in the process of drilling 1 appraisal well in order to maintain its production level.
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Investment Type

PTTEP as Joint Operator

Exploration and Production

Algeria 433a & 416b Project
Type of Business Exploration and Production
Concessions Blocks 433a & 416b
Area 437.31 square kilometers
Location East of Algeria
Operator Groupement Bir Seba (Joint Operating Company)
Petroleum Fields Bir Seba, Mouiat Ouled Messaoud
Type of Petroleum Crude Oil
Signing Date July 10, 2002
Production Start-up August 12, 2015
Phase Production
Investment Type PTTEP as Joint Operator

Partners & Share

Algeria 433a & 416b

Petrovietname Exploration Production Corporation (PVEP)
PTTEP Algeria Company Limited (PTTEP AG)

Project Progress :

Year :


Quarter 1

Project production averaged  15,165 BPD

Quarter 2

Project production averaged 15,016 BPD

Quarter 3 Project production averaged is 15,445 BPD Quarter 4 Project Production for the year 2016 averaged 15,463 BPD


Quarter 1 The project production volume averaged 18,885 BPD. Quarter 2 The project production volume averaged 17,172 BPD.