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PTTEP Analyst Meeting Q1'2015 was held on 6 May 2015      |      Reviewed 2015 Q1 Financial Statements has announced on May 6, 2015      |     
Shareholder's Meeting
Proposal of AGM Agenda and Director Nominees in advance
Proposal of AGM Agenda and Director Nominees in advance

4. Proposal of the Agenda 

       4.1 Method for Proposal

             (1) Must proposed by the shareholder possess qualification according to Topic No.3 of the criteria

             (2) Must fill in “The Proposed Agenda to the 2015 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting Form (Form A)” and submit the original Form A together with other supporting document as required the Company to the Company within January 2, 2015 in order to allow the Board for adequate consideration. However, the shareholder can submit Form A to the Company unofficially via facsimile number 0-2537-4500 or through email at corporatesecretary@pttep.com before submitting the original form. 

             (3) In case shareholders have unified to propose the agenda, each shareholder must fill in Form A and sign their name as evidence separately. Then the form should be gathered and submit into one set.

       4.2 Method for Consideration

             (1) The Board will consider the agenda proposed by the shareholder which must not possess the following matters;

                   (1.1) Matter that defined in clause 89/28 of the Securities and Exchange Law B.E. 1992 and its amendment1

                   (1.2) Matters that violate the laws, rules, regulations of government agencies and other governing agencies or that are not complied with the objective, the Articles of Association, the Shareholders’ resolution and the Good Corporate Governance and Business Ethics of PTTEP and its subsidiaries 

                   (1.3) Matters that the Company has already implemented 

                   (1.4) Matters proposed by the shareholder who fill in incomplete or incorrect information or is unable to contact or do not follow the Criteria required by the Company
In this regards, the Board's judgment is final.

             (2) The proposal approved by the Board along with the Board’s opinion will be included in the Agenda.

             (3) For the proposal disapproved by the Board, the Company shall inform the shareholder with the reason of the Board’s refusal through the channel of the Stock Exchange of Thailand or any other appropriate information dissemination channels and include in the Agenda for acknowledgement. 

1  (1) The proposal does not comply with the rules as specified in the first paragraph of clause 89/28;
   (2) The proposal is relevant to the ordinary business operation and the fact given by the shareholders does not indicate any reasonable ground to suspect the irregularity of such matter;
   (3) The proposal is beyond the company’s power to produce the purposed result;
   (4) The proposal was submitted to the shareholders’ meeting for its consideration within the previous twelve months and received the supporting votes of less than ten percent of the total number of the voting rights of the company, unless the fact pertaining in the resubmission has significantly changed from that of the previous shareholders’ meeting;
   (5) Any other cases as specified in the notification of the Capital Market Supervisory Board. 
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